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physiotherapy machine, ultrasound machine

The human body is just like a vehicle, it needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning, for which, exercise is the key tool. It happens that sometimes due to some injury, disease, or condition, some part of our body becomes stiff and start losing its range of motion. Though medicines or other treatments help, there is one such treatment that works on the deeper issue and helps our body regain its lost strength, mobility, balance and overall fitness, naturally and that is Physiotherapy.

Various types of physiotherapy machines are available for different conditions that only physiotherapists can operate but now, due to the advancement of science and technology, there are certain portable physiotherapy equipment available out there that can treat multiple disorders or conditions as well as can be operated by a layman at home. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. US 111

ultrasound pain machine

Not to be confused with diagnostic ultrasound therapy that is used to see the inside of the body, such as checking on a fetus during pregnancy, US111 is a portable physiotherapy ultrasound machine that can treat acute to chronic medical conditions such as pain, muscle spasms, joint contractors, bruises, certain injuries etc. It is used by medical professionals and can also be used as physiotherapy at home without any medical guidance.

The head of the ultrasound machine probe converts electrical energy into sound waves which pass through the skin of the affected area causing micro-vibrations in the tissues, generating deep heat (diathermy), which is usually not felt by the patient. The vibration  improves the blood and oxygen flow in the affected area thus reducing the pain/swelling/inflammation within a few sessions.

US 111 is a clinically tested and approved physiotherapy instrument and is even recommended by various medical professionals like physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

  1. SONICTENSpain relieving machine

A one of a kind instant pain relieving machine, SONICTENS is a combination of two therapies – Ultrasound (US) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit, together which can heal almost all types of acute to chronic pain like any joint pain due to arthritis, muscle cramps; spasms or strains, pain from herniated disc, pain due to injury; sciatica; tendinitis; bursitis; piriformis syndrome or tissue damage and others, naturally with no harmful effects.

SONICTENS combines the deep heat therapy of Ultrasound and the massaging electrical pulses from the TENS unit, together which makes an effective drug-free solution for pain relief. The low electric impulses of ultrasound therapy when applied across the depth of the skin mimic our nerve system and blocks the pain signals from reaching to the spinal cord and brain, thus relieving pain and relaxing our muscles. While the TENS machine stimulates the production of endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers, thus promoting faster healing of the affected area.

SONICTENS has been tried and tested clinically and has proved itself with 91% effectiveness ratio which is why is highly recommended by healthcare professionals including pain specialists.

  1. Combo3 Plus

ift machine physiotherapy

Our muscles are prone to injuries such as pain, strain or spasms, and once injured, they often take time to heal and in worst cases, they turn into permanent pain. To ward off such stubborn pain and help build the lost strength of muscles, a one-stop solution for all kinds of issues related to muscles has been designed which is called – Combo3 Plus – TENS, EMS & IFT Multi-Stimulator. This combination of multiple pain-relieving methods in one makes Combo3 Plus an excellent pain-management device one must have at home.

Used by all physiotherapy clinics, each treatment of Combo3 Plus serves its own purposes like;

  • Interferential Therapy, which is an advanced form of TENS unit provides deeper stimulation and accelerates the self-healing process in the body, enabling it to regain healthy physical conditions.
  • TENS therapy stimulates the nerve fibers and releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers to give instant pain relief.
  • EMS generates electrical pulses that strengthen weak or inactive muscles and restore their lost mobility.
  • Pelvic Stimulation works on the overactive bladder while Facial Stimulation treats facial or Bell’s palsy.

Each device is made compact and sleek that makes it easy to carry and operate it anytime, anywhere.