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Be it working out at home or hitting the gym, exercising without proper guidelines can be problematic and even dangerous. So here are some effective tips for making your work out easy-going and productive.

Warm up
Warming up can include basic stretching and cardiovascular exercises. It would improve blood circulation, enhance flexibility and also prepare your muscles for the following physical activities and movements.

Rest day
Working hard and pushing oneself is highly important but so is the rest day. The rest also plays an important role in shaping your strength and endurance. So depending upon the intensity of your work out, you should schedule your rest day. You can do light exercise on that day to avoid lethargic attitude.

Right technique
It would be no surprise if a novice exercise enthusiast would tell you that he or she got hurt while working out. The major reason behind this is lack of proper technical knowledge. Something as simple as cardio can also hurt, if proper attention is not paid. So make sure that you are well aware and informed about the exercise that makes your regime.

Time-bound routine
Make sure that you have prescheduled your workout routine in correspondence with time. Start with a 30 to 40 minutes routine and increase your exercise hours by and by. Making dramatic shifts in your routine time can be harmful and wouldn’t provide you visibly effective results.


Enjoy exercising
Exercising requires an utmost amount of focus and concentration; however, enjoying your routine is equally necessary. If you would work out without enjoying it, first of all, you won’t be able to develop it as long-term habit and secondly, half-hearted routines will only provide partially-effective results. So get your music on or work out with a partner or choose your favorite time of the day to work out so that you can make the most of your routine.


Pre and post workout food
Having slow digesting carbs (Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, and Fruits) before working out can be useful in garnering more endurance. Your body consumes its glycogen store while you exercise, so eating glycogen stimulating food (Apple, Banana, Pineapple Potatoes, Squash & Sweet Potatoes, Whole-Wheat Bread, Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice etc.) post work out can be helpful.

Start from your not so favorite exercise
Schedule your routine in such a way that you are done with the difficult or your least favorite exercises in the initial period of your regime since, in the beginning, you are high on energy so, you can focus on those exercises. Besides, in the second half of your routine, during which you will be a bit low on energy, you will have to cater easy or your favorite exercises.

Mark your progress
It is advisable to maintain a record of your progress as it will help you to evaluate your growth and make necessary changes in the following routines. Also do not expect great changes to happen overnight and accept failure or setbacks, as great things take time.