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Hey there, womanhood warriors! We get you, and we especially get you on those days of the month. Period cramps are a real problem for women out there, and there is no way you can escape its clutches! 

Period pain affects more than 80% of women in India, mild or adverse; it doesn’t matter. The sad reality is that it “affects” women, and it affects them in the negative. Abdominal pain, namely cramps, comes in conjunction with headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, and bloating. Women are born multitaskers, and a cramping sensation in parts of their bodies knocking in every time they are out to ace a task is unacceptable! 

But women, if you think there is no way out of this debilitating circle of period pain, you are mistaken! Once more, UltraCare PRO is here to rescue you! In December 2022, we launched MOI, an Instant Period Pain Relief Device. A combination of TENS and heating therapy, MOI successfully provided period pain relief to more than 2,00,000+ women. 

Working on the love you have showered our way with MOI and pondering on a mission to make pain-free menstrual health accessible to all, we are back with something advanced for you! 

What is MOI Plus? 

MOI Plus is a wireless and wearable period pain relief device offering TENS + Heating therapy to relax your cramps. It’s advanced in every sense, providing the ultimate battle to cramps in those days of the month! 

It is here to make you go cramp-free! 

What makes MOI Plus Different? 

You must be thinking, When we call a cramp relief device “advance,” what do we mean? Here is what we mean.

2X Power: With 99 intensity levels to choose from, MOI Plus gives you the remote control of your own comfort. Whether the cramps are mild or intense, MOI Plus gives a perfect level of relief at the touch of a button. Every level of pain will find optimal relief with MOI Plus. 

2X Surface Area: The bigger the electrode pad, the more skin surface it will cover. More coverage ensures maximized and enhanced period pain relief. 

2X Battery Life: MOI Plus’s effectiveness lasts way too long! It can be used for 12 to 15 sessions in one full charge (FYI: 1 Charge of 30 minutes). 

How does MOI Plus give Relief? 

MOI Plus provides extra relief and comfort because it works on the dual power of TENS and Heating Therapy. 

TENS therapy for period pain relief works by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain and releasing endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good hormones, to provide instant period pain relief.

Heating soothes muscles and increases blood flow to the pain area, which, in addition to TENS therapy, provides additional relief and comfort. 

The dual action of TENS and heating offers drug-free period pain relief that is 100% natural and safe. 

So, if you are worried about the side effects this device will bring to your plate, worry not! MOI Plus will give you the relief you desire, without making your body fall victim to redundant side effects. 

A Note of Relief from MOI Plus!

Hello Beautiful ladies! 

I am MOI Plus, your loyal period partner. My TENS + Heat Therapy will provide you with relief from menstrual cramps. No no, I don’t just give you relief from abdominal pain, I can provide relief from any and every period pain, including back pain, thigh pain, period-related muscle spasms, and everything! 

Wondering how I do it? Well, I send in soothing electrical stimulation to the body, which sends “all is okay” signals to your brain. These simulations allow your brain to release endorphins, natural feel-good hormones in the body that reduce pain. And, not to forget, my adjustable heating modes provide comfort and warmth, which eases stressed muscles without letting you worry about any side effects. 

I am on a mission—a mission to make your periods “easy and pain-free.” Let’s relieve your pain & say, “Excuse me, Periods.”