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water, drink water

Water is essential for life. This is a scientific truth. Despite being aware about this fact, many people do not take the habit of drinking more water seriously. They drink water only when they are thirsty. But the fact is, when a person feels thirsty, by that time his or her body is already experiencing dehydration and is urging for rehydration. So drinking water at regular intervals is highly advisable. Have a look at its benefits to stamp your decision of adopting this habit.

1. It reduces joint pain

joint pain

Joint pain occurs when the cartilage supporting the joints gets affected. Drinking more water smoothens the cartilage and helps in bringing relief from joint pain.

2. Helps with constipation

Stomach Pain

Irregular bowel movements and difficulty in passing stool cause constipation and that further causes other troubles but high fluid intake can bring relief from constipation.

3. Supports weight loss

loss belly fat

While it is true that water doesn’t directly help in reducing weight, it is also a fact that water helps in suppressing our appetite so we end up eating less. The feeling of being full due to good consumption of water allows us to eat in limited quantity, in turn helping with weight loss. The other factor involved here is, water can be a good substitute of high-calorie beverages. So water also trims down on your bad calorie intake habits.

4. Healthy skin

Healthy Skin

Less of water makes your skin dry and more prone to rashes and other damages. To avoid so, having more water is advisable. It keeps our skin moisturized naturally. It also reduces the chances of pimples and helps in curing pores and acne.

5. Maintains balance of fluids

Nearly 60% of our body is made up of water. Keeping oneself hydrated can be helpful in maintaining a constant flow of nutrients in our body.

6. Improved efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Be it your mood, mind power or metabolism, all three get a great boost through drinking more water. A hydrated person feels energetic and more focused so he or she can perform better. In fact, effective supply of water also helps body in releasing endorphins and that helps a person to stay happy and avoid cranky mood swings as well.

7. Stronger immune system

Immune System

Drinking more water can help our body fight against cold and flu naturally. Besides, it also helps in preventing and curing kidney stones. As such kidney stones are developed due to accumulation of salt around the kidneys and drinking more water can prevent that as kidneys would then get rid of toxins. Talking about curing the kidney stones, excess intake of water increases the frequency of urine passing through kidneys and that dilutes the concentration of the clumps.

Easy tips:
1. Drink water recurrently so as to be sure that you urinate frequently in light color.
2. Eat raw vegetables and fruits.
3. Set an alarm in your phone to remind yourself to drink more water.