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Electrotherapy as the word suggests is the therapy that uses electrical energy. It is a stimulation therapy used to reduce pain and speed up healing process. Electrotherapy devices consist of an adaptor/battery-powered device that is connected to (conductive) electrode pads through wires. The pads are placed on the skin and the device transmits low frequency bio electrical pulses to your muscles through the pads. These create a soothing or a massage-like sensation, giving relief from muscle pain. Its multifaceted benefits can be classified as follows:

 1. Reduce localized inflammation

joint pain, back pain, neck pain, wrist pain

Electrotherapy treatment works as an ideal anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a localized physical condition during which a person experiences pain, swelling and even redness. Now the question is what causes inflammation? Basically, inflammation is a part of body’s immune process but if it persists for long, it can be troublesome. Usually, injuries and/or allergies cause inflammation. If the same is not taken care of, it can lead to serious issues. One of the simplest and natural ways of curing inflammation is electrotherapy machine. The one’s that are usually used are TENS unit and Ultrasound therapy. When you place the pads on the skin, the signals are transmitted which block the pain receptors hence; the muscles feel relaxed and there is a reduction in pain and swelling.

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Click here http://bit.ly/2IgP66o

2.Improve blood Circulation


Poor blood circulation can cause numbness, muscle cramps and also nerve and tissue damage. Dry skin, hair flow, dizziness and even fatigue are common signs of poor blood flow. Here, Physiotherapy machine works as a pro. Apart from giving a soothing feeling to your muscles and bones, it also accelerates blood circulation. At times, poor flow causes muscle and joint pain. So regulated use of physiotherapy can contract muscles and in turn stabilize blood flow.

3.Muscle stimulation

electro therapy, muscle stimulator

Extreme injuries, strokes, and disorders usually make muscles sti

Extreme injuries, strokes, and disorders usually make muscles stiff and spastic. It causes irritation and often leads to painful conditions. To cure the same, physiotherapy equipment is used. A TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) therapy are tried, tested and reliable technologies to improve muscle stimulation. TENS unit would transmit low-frequency current into the nerves, contracting and massaging the muscles. EMS is majorly used as a muscle toning technology. It causes profound muscle contraction. This strengthens them and even rehabilitates them.

4.Triggers the release of endorphins


Endorphins are hormones secreted by the central nervous system and pituitary gland in your body. Generally, our body releases this hormone when we exercise. It interacts with the pain receptors and reduces the sensation of pain. It makes one feel positive and happy as well. Physiotherapy machines can manipulate the central nervous system and massages the muscles. This makes you feel free of pain and your body ends up releasing endorphins.
All in all, apart from curing your pain through surgery, the Physiotherapy machine also encourages joyful living naturally.