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Knees are the shock absorbers of our body. With every movement we make, our knees experience the shock and hence, when they are out of function, our movements turn out to be difficult. Accidents, injury, old age, sedentary lifestyle or any disease can be the cause of knee sufferings.

Here are some quick, easy to do exercises that can bring relief from knee pain.

1. Half-kneel hip and quad stretch


This stretch is highly advisable for chronic knee pain. Get down on your knees. Fold one of your legs with the knee being bent (flat on the ground). You can put some matt or soft cloth at the bottom to feel comfortable. Once a 90 degree angle is formed, put your same side hand at the ankle and pull it inside; towards your hip. Slowly bring it down to the first position. Practice the pull for 10 to 15 reps and do not hustle. Go slow to get effective results.

2. Chair knee extension


Sit on a chair with a straight back. Put a stool or a small table in front of you and place one of your legs on it in a straight position with your knee slightly raised. Now slowly push your raised knee towards the floor using the strength of the single leg muscles. Hold for 5 to 7 seconds, release and repeat. Perform it using both legs.

3. Wall hamstring stretch

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Lie down on a flat surface on your back in front of a wall. Lift one of your legs from the floor with the help of a resistant strap. Let the stretch go higher until you feel the pull. Slowly bring your leg down and perform the same thing with another leg. Try to maximize the pull each time.

Strengthening exercises:
1. Step up

Step up exercise

Get a step up bench or low height table or even the last step of the staircase would do. Stand in the alert position in front of it. Lift your right foot and put it firmly on the surface. Press it properly with your right heel. Lift your other foot and place it on the surface and get the right one down. Start with a slow pace and slowly develop the speed.

2. Side leg raises


Lie down on a flat surface sideways. Turn one of your legs inwardly and let the other leg rise at 45 degrees. Hold the position for 5 seconds and bring the leg down. Repeat it with another leg.

3. Wall squats

Stretching exercise

Stand in an alert position with your back against the wall and your feet being shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees 30 degrees and slide down the wall. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and move up- back to the alert position.

General Tips:
1. Go for walks or jogs on daily basis to avoid knee pain.
2. Swimming, cycling or yoga can also help
3. Go for staircase instead of elevators/ escalators whenever possible