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Flash Sale is now LIVE with upto 75% OFF | Use Code: FLASHSALE

A Premium Massage Gun

UltraGun PRO

A Premium Massage Gun

India’s Smallest Massage Gun

Original price was: ₹7,999.00.Current price is: ₹3,999.00.

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Increases blood circulation


Portable Palm sized


Deep Relaxation


18 Months warranty


07 Day Return

What is UltraGun PRO? Massage Gun with a metal head

Unique Metal Head for Immersive Oil Massage: UltraGun PRO comes with a unique metal head with a smooth finish, which can be used with essential oils, ointment, and even during aromatherapy.

On-the-Go Powerful Percussive Massage: UltraGun PRO employs advanced percussion therapy to alleviate muscle relaxation by penetrating deep tissues and increasing blood flow to the affected area. It was created to ensure that you are never far from a relaxing massage, no matter where you are.

Small Size, Big Power: Unique handheld percussion massager gun which is supremely compact in design, fits precisely in the palm and delivers a powerful performance as the bigger massage guns, so you won’t have to worry about a bulky device to carry or use in tight spaces like a car or flight.

3 Soft Touch Silicone Massage Heads: UltraGun PRO is a treat in muscle relaxation to carry along with 3 full-silicone massage heads and one versatile built-in flat head which offer a diverse range of massage options, each targeting specific muscle groups, this massager vibration machine provides a deep muscle treatment for your entire body.

Multi-grip Design: UltraGun PRO has a compact & advanced silicone outer construction design that precisely fits into the palm and provides multiple grip options to reach across different zones of the body with ease. It’s a single-piece construction that provides better protection from damage with no extra attachments.

Powerful Yet Silent Motor: A high-torque brushless motor that ramps up to 3200 PPM helps to rejuvenate aching muscles by sending waves of vibration through remarkable quiet & peaceful massage.

Easy to Carry: UltraGun PRO is a breeze to carry along as it is wireless, portable, and a feather-lightweight device that comes in a soft-touch silicone travel case. It is ideal for athletes or individuals to use at home or while traveling.

How does it work?

UltraGun PRO employs advanced percussion therapy to alleviate muscle relaxation by penetrating deep tissues and increasing blood flow to the affected area.

The UltraGun PRO features a sleek metal head that has a smooth finish. It is designed to work with a variety of substances, including essential oils, ointments, and even during aromatherapy.

UltraGun PRO uses a powerful 3200 PPM brushless motor to vibrate the massage head, which increases blood flow and relieves soreness and tension. The vibration helps in quick muscle relaxation.

How to use?

  • Step 1
    Choose the head for the affected body part – Choose the fixed-metal head or use snap-on massage heads
  • Step 2
    Turn UltraGun PRO ON with a long press of the power button.
  • Step 3
    Point the head at the muscle & apply the pressure gradually
  • Step 4
    Set the intensity by pressing the power button


  • 1 metal head for oil massage
  • 3 soft touch full silicone heads
  • Silicone construct multigrip
  • Brushless Motor
  • Compact design
  • Scientifically calibrated modes


  • How does UltraGun PRO work?
    • It generates percussion therapy to relieve muscle tension by reaching deep tissues and improving blood flow to the affected area.

  • Is the UltraGun PRO battery operated?
    • Yes. UltraGun PRO is operated with a rechargeable battery.

  • Are there different massage attachments available?
    • Yes. There are 3 different types of silicon attachments available according to body parts.

  • How is UltraGun PRO different from UltraGun?
    • UltraGun PRO is compatible with essential oils, ointments, and can be used even during aromatherapy. While UltraGun features Body Sensing Technology for precise and accurate massages.

  • How long should we use the UltraGun PRO in one session?
    • You can utilize the gun for a duration of 30 minutes per session.

  • Can I adjust the intensity of the massage?
    • Yes. The intensity of massage can be adjusted up to 3 levels.

  • Can UltraGun PRO be used on any part of the body?
    • The gun can be safely used on dry, clean skin surfaces, excluding the head or hard/boned areas of the body.

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