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The onset of old age is a difficult and tricky journey, particularly because several ailments and diseases start knocking on your doors! Out of these ailments, a redundant and recurring problem that numerous people face is pain in the knee area or knee joint pain. Although a number of reasons can be accounted for the causes that give rise to knee pain and knee joint pain, an alarming aspect of it has been witnessed in the current times when such knee pain is also targeting the youth of today, namely Generation Z. 


With people running to hospitals and physiotherapy centers to get treatment for the same, many people fail to see how knee pain can be managed and cured at home as well. With plenty of options available at home, the time has come when you must see the treatments that lay just next to your doorsteps and still go unnoticed. As the popular saying goes, “Self-possessions are always undermined and others possessions seem better.” A thorough look around your house will make many things visible to you that previously missed your optimal regard.

With technology and machine-driven pieces of equipment taking complete charge of the youth of today, taking the more expensive route to the hospitals always seems like an easier option. However, while engaged in this process, people, especially Generation Z tend to ignore the homely remedies available around them. 

This blog will elucidate on four tips to get knee pain relief within the four walls of your home. However, before exploring the tips to prevent and manage the symptoms of knee pain, it is important to go through the causes that often lead to knee pain.

Facts of knee pain in pediatrics


1. Knee Injury:

One of the most common causes of knee pain, physical harm inflicted on your knee bones or the entire knee joint itself can give rise to tremendous knee joint pain.

2. Osteoarthritis:

popularly also known as degenerative arthritis, this condition occurs when the cartilage in the knee degenerates owing to old age. Osteoarthritis usually targets people in their old age.

3. Overweight:

Individuals who are in the higher bracket of the weight cycle unfortunately end up exerting more pressure and burden on their knees which can lead to severe knee or knee joint pain.

Top Tips for Knee Pain Relief: Home Edition 

1. Turmeric

The most handy material behind the kitchen doors of a household, turmeric can act as an extraordinary pain reliever in cases of extreme pain. A turmeric paste when applied on the affected area, in this case, the knee, provides immediate ease and relaxation through direct contact. Additionally, turmeric when consumed with milk or hot water can put your muscles at ease because of its imminent anti-inflammatory properties. Owing to the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, including turmeric in your daily diet can be an ideal choice for knee pain relief. 

2. Essential Oil Massages

Massaging the knee with essential oils can be an effective pain reliever. When massages with essential oil happen, it plays a huge role in breaking the stiffness of the bones and enables immediate pain reduction. The most effective essential oil in terms of knee pain or knee joint pain is ginger/orange oil. A massage also calms and relaxes the entire body and sends a relaxing effect throughout the body, additionally, such massaging doesn’t require any expert/medical intervention and can be easily performed at home by oneself or with the aid of a family member. 

3. Reduction of Stress Level

It is a natural human tendency to stress on every other thing. While stress levels have many negative connotations on the human body, a study by the Arthritis Foundation claims a direct relationship between heightened stress levels and increased muscle tension. Stress can generate muscle tension and at the same time also lead to a perception of the same. Reducing the stress level is individually attainable. You can additionally also take up relaxation therapies at home to reduce the level of stress you are onboarding on yourself! Particularly in your old age, a lesser amount of stress accounts for more pain relief. 

4. Regular Exercise 

Although individuals suffering from knee pain may be aversed at the idea of regular exercising, however, regular exercise is important to maintain knee muscle strength; and additionally also prevents the symptoms of knee pain from getting worse. Many pain relief exercises can prevent the symptoms from aggravating further such as mini squats, hamstring stretches, and slow knee bends. Engaging in these exercises regularly allows you to let go of the knee stiffness and free the muscles of your knee a little more.

Facts on Knee Pain Relief

US111 by UltraCare PRO: Modern Method for Knee Pain Relief

A game-changing launch by UltraCare PRO, the US111 is a premium pain management device that targets the deep tissues of an individual through its 1 MHz frequency-lengthed sound waves. Recommended, tried, and tested by doctors and physiotherapists from several corners of the country, it presents varying intensities and modes of treatments which vary according to individual needs and discretion. 

This portable device is easy to carry around, offering a “sound” treatment within the walls of your home, US111 also comes in handy with a kit that consists of an ultracool pack, a sleek carrying bag, and an ultrasound gel to replicate the experience of physiotherapy at home and make you feel at a physiotherapy center sans the chaos of medical interference. This product is specifically designed to connect to the interiors of an individual in every sense possible by giving them the experience that they truly deserve! For your ease of understanding, the US111 also extends a manual guide to be your guiding light in the process of pain relief therapy, in addition to its free expert consultation in the beginning.

In the current paradigm where things are not easily attainable owing to multiple restrictions in terms of cost, availability, and healthcare crisis, UltraCare PRO’s US111 is here to be your partner in a pain scenario and a relief-gain scenario. 


Incorporating these home-based utilities and utilizing them to alleviate knee pain and improve the overall health of the joint structure is an easy option to opt for. UltraCare PRO’S US111 as a device provides an ultrasound therapeutic experience at home and more importantly, gives an around-the-clock service to make this device as available to the common public as possible. Gone are the days when you would sit in the chambers of your home contemplating the product physiotherapists use to relieve your pain. The US111 is here to end all your queries and bestow the experience of a lifetime to you, lifelong. Furthermore, this product can be used anytime, anywhere due to its portability which ensures a tried and tested pain relief mechanism at your doorstep at all times. Additionally, this device is completely free of drugs and entails no side effects on the body as opposed to pain relief medications. A game-changer in the pain management arena, this device will be your ideal choice for knee pain relief this winter.