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Wrist Pain

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We think we use our hand a lot but actually, it’s wrists that are in constant movement. It undergoes a number of twists and turns on a daily basis that its overuse and repeated movements can cause chronic pain in the wrist or even injuries that can restrict the freedom of movement in them.

Composition of the Wrist Joint?

Our wrist is a complex collection of many tendons, nerves, blood vessels, bones, and joints, squeezed together into a small space and it is the one that connects the forearm – the radius (the larger bone on the thumb side of the arm) and the ulna (the smaller bone on the pinky side) with carpus (eight small bones collectively referred to as the carpal bones).

Did you know?

‘There are 8 carpal bones in our wrists, overuse of which, has affected 2.7%–5.8% of the population with carpal tunnel syndrome’

Our wrist is actually made up of multiple joints rather than a single joint which allows the free movement of it.

Sources of Wrist Pain

A wrist sprain is the most commonly reported condition and the majority of the sufferers are athletes. Apart from that repetitive stress, sudden injury, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, cysts, fracture etc. are the other known causes of wrist pain.

What to do when pain encounters?

Not all wrist pain requires medical attention, but they do require proper care and homely treatments like;

Try stretching exercises to release the tension of your wrists and keep them in an elevated position

Perform wrist-strengthening yogas/exercises to reduce the pressure on your wrist and to boost its grip

Keep your wrist wrapped with a brace or a splint even in a rested position to avoid further damage

Massage using UltraCare PRO’s physiotherapy equipment – Combo3 Plus, which is the best-known home care treatment for all kinds of chronic pain.

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