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Winter bring with it major lifestyle changes as the cold weather triggers joint pain. The temperature drop and change in the pressure and weight of air pressing in the atmosphere causes joint swelling and joint pain.

To avoid join ache, make sure that you have your body weight under control. Winter delicacies are worth enjoying but if you are putting up a lot weight, then you are under the threat of becoming a victim of damaged joints.


Keep a watch on your diet. Have more of Avocados, Nuts, Flaxseeds, and Fatty Fish-Salmon. These food items stimulate fat membrane cells, giving comfort to the stiff bones by improving knee cushioning. Consumption of Omega-3 rich food can also be helpful.

Get habituated to drinking more water. Staying hydrated during winter can help you avoid stiffness and join pain as dry joints become inflexible and it causes early wear and tear. Drink 8 glasses of water every day at least. Balancing fluids is the key to avoid pain in winter.


Exercise regularly. If you are gym freak or are already into working out, then you are pretty much safe. Rest you might become prey of joint pain as winter temperature drop doesn’t allow smooth blood circulation that makes your bones and muscles grow stiffer and can even cause swelling. So keeping your joints warm is of utmost importance. To do so, joint friendly exercise shall be performed at regular intervals. Walking, jogging, cycling, stretching etc., are easy and convenient exercises that you can do every day. Taking stairs instead of elevator or walking for short commute or even walking while talking on phone can be useful. Mobility releases synovial fluid that lubricates the joint naturally; in turn reducing the risk of joint ache.

Hydrotherapy is also an old and effective way of dealing with winter stiffness. Putting warm water bag on the affected area for stipulated time can ease pressure on joints and muscles, giving relief from the pain.

Massages are helpful at times. You can get it done either professionally or at home as well. When performed at home, make sure that the strokes are towards the heart.


Staying warm is a common trick that people follow. Cold weather makes it mandatory to wear warm clothes; besides, it also helps in keeping winter stiffness at bay. Layering up will keep the internal body temperature warm. So make sure that you dress for the season. Jackets, socks, scarves, gloves or anything else that makes you feel warm and comfortable shall be opted for.

Some people drive themselves to nearest pharmacy and gulp a pain killer before even knowing the cause of pain. Don’t do that. See a doctor. Consult him/ her and have only prescribed medicines.

Physiotherapy can also be a sound solution to get relief from joint pain. Ultrasound therapy and Tens therapy are renowned for catering such conditions.

Bid farewell to stress. Stressing comes naturally to us, but stress emphasizes the muscle tension that worsens the pain.