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Weightlifter’s back is a common problem that many exercise enthusiasts face. In fact, many common people experience it when they lift heavy weight. The lower back is most likely to be affected by this condition. Every time you lift heavy weight without proper technique and practice, you are risking your back. However, minor pain can be eliminated through rest or a good massage conversely; a serious condition needs immediate care.

Symptoms of weightlifter’s back

  1. Constant shooting pain in the lower back
  2. Muscle spasm and spine weakness
  3. Poor bladder condition
  4. Occasional numbness in the spine

If along with back pain, you experience any such symptoms, get help immediately.

Causes of weightlifter’s back

Two of the most common causes of lower back pain are poor posture and wrong technique of lifting heavyweight.

What is not to be done?

  1. Do not keep your back rounded

When you lift heavyweight, your entire spine gets into motion. The lumbar spine however has the weakest ligaments, and they can be damaged if you are lifting weights with your hips too high.

  1. Do not keep your shoulders loose

When you lift weight without stabilizing your shoulders, your back bears the stress and the fluid gets transmitted into to the center of the lumbar disc which can cause disc herniation and bulges as well.

  1. Do not hyper extend

It is possible that due to lack of awareness, you extend your back more than needed while lifting heavy weights. It causes excessive stress on the lower back and leads to stiffness and pain.

What is to be done?

  1. Strengthen your core

When your core or midsection is solid, you will naturally be arched when you try to lift weight. Rounding of the back would be hence avoided. If that is not meant for you, just remember to be in an arched position when you bend down to lift any heavyweight.

  1. Shoulder stabilization

Shoulder muscles are controlled by shoulder blades that are present in our upper spine. So once you tighten your shoulders, your upper spine becomes ready for the lift.

  1. Squeeze your glutes

When you are to lift weight, make sure you contract your butt muscles. This eliminates the passage between sacrum and lumbar regions and solidifies your back which in turn reduces the chances of injury.

Treatment of weightlifter’s back

Many people prefer over the counter pain relievers to cure soreness and aching. Apart from being a short term remedy, it carries a danger of side effects. So here is a list of sound remedies for weightlifter’s back.

  1. Rest

Avoid moving your back or causing stress to the affected muscles and while sleeping, sleep on your sides.

  1. Ice


Ice packs can reduce the inflammation and bring relief from the pain.

  1. Electrotherapy


Along with bringing relief from inflammation and pain, electrotherapy can also help in strengthening your spine.