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Salt, water types

Water plays an essential role in your life. It is necessary to drink almost 8-10 glasses water a day to keep your body hydrated. But, it is very important to know what quality of water you are drinking? And, how does the quality of your drinking water affect your body? Let us go through some of the guiding principles of water.


Different types of water have dissimilar chemicals, minerals and unlike qualities in them. I know you are having a question in your mind, which type of water is safe to drink, isn’t it? So, let’s get started. There are ten types of water in the world.

1. Tap water is provided by the municipality of the country. It includes many dangerous chemicals and medicines which are harmful to your health. They are not even standardized. While the city controllers do not inspect or pass through a filter for medicines, there are many medicines in your tap water. If the tap water isn’t filtered properly, deadly chemicals and metals make water unsafe to drink. The tap water that has been filtered with only carbon is good for drinking and will quench your thirst.

2. Spring water is good for drinking. It consists of a vast array of trace minerals which the human body needs to a great extent. If possible, spring water should be consumed from the faraway places on earth.

3. Well water is mostly infected with minerals like manganese and iron if your place is untouched. Another reason to get infected is if the place earlier was used for agriculture or industrial reasons. It is always advised to test cautiously before using it for consuming. The state testing labs may not test for hundreds of deadly chemicals and may not even test for impurities like higher levels of manganese.

4. Mineral water is suitable for drinking. It is rich in crucial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is good for your health.

5. Distilled water does not contain any minerals. It is useful for detoxing your body for a short term only, however, if consumed for a longer period it will lead to mineral deficiency.

6. Reverse osmosis water just like distilled water has no minerals in it. To make reverse osmosis water suitable for drinking, it has to be demineralized. It is used for short-term detox programs but it is harmful if consumed for a longer period. Reverse osmosis water includes passing water at high force throughout membranes which eradicate larger bits, minerals, and impurities. This water is mostly acidic.

7. Alkaline water is most excellent for health because it comprises beneficial minerals with the correct pH sense of balance for wonderful health. Ionized alkaline water is way better as it chains the wholesome pH and mineral substance of alkaline water with probable antioxidant.

8. Bottled water contaminates the atmosphere as unsafe contaminants from some plastic bottles can seep into your water. Bottled water is just filtered municipal water. It has a deficiency of the necessary minerals.

9. Flavored or zero calorie water is definitely a big no-no. It does no good to your health as it contains artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. They consist of the abundant quantity of sugar and fructose which lead to many health problems.

10. Water filters are helpful only if a high-quality water filter is fitted at your home. An entire home carbon filter will eradicate impurities from the humid chemical loaded fumes that humans breathe in while taking bath or while cleaning the dishes.