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Occupied treadmills and rush of walkers and joggers in the gardens are sufficient to prove that walking and running are most loved and followed exercises. People of all age-groups prefer these two exercises because of their simple and effective nature. However, when it comes to picking from the two, people generally select on the basis of their comfort and not compatibility.

Benefits of walking:

  1. It is a low impact exercise

Walking requires to be limited movements, causing less stress to the joints. If you have got a good pair of shoes, then walking shall help you in multiple ways, without causing any damage to your joints and cartilage.

  1. Regulates blood pressure

A regular walk of nearly 60 minutes can help in keeping a check on the blood pressure. Apart from enhancing blood circulation, it also helps in increasing your stamina.

  1. Helps in combating stress

Walking improves the blood and oxygen supply hence, stimulates the nervous system receptors and reduces the production of stress hormones.

Cons of walking:

  1. Can’t burn enough calories

It is not an intense workout routine so it doesn’t help you burn a lot of calories in one go. If you desire to walk for long hours just to burn calories, you would end encountering fatigue and your muscles might also experience excessive tension and friction causing strain and damage to the muscles.

  1. Low intensity

Walking qualifies as a low-intensity exercise as it doesn’t help in raising body temperature. Besides, it doesn’t increase the heart-rate hence can’t help you in building your cardiovascular health.

Benefits of running:


  1. Burns calories quickly

It is not a rare fact that running helps in losing weight. It causes good rise in temperature and provides great run to your unnecessary fat.

  1. Avoids diseases

Running is highly recommended for women as it helps in avoiding breast cancer. Apart from that it keeps strokes and fear of heart attacks at bay. Early stages of diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis can be dealt more consciously if regular jogging is adopted. It makes your heart robust and arteries flexible.

  1. Good for your muscles and bones

Running helps in building bone mass and improves your knee health. However, people suffering from knee diseases shall not opt for the same as it doesn’t help in repairing the loss.

Cons of running:

  1. Not meant for all

Running is not meant for all. People with low stamina can’t enjoy the benefits of running. Also, people with less habit of working out are at a higher risk of getting injured.

So if you have a healthy lifestyle then jogging is a good option for you but if not then start with walking and move towards jogging once the pace is developed.

The right technique:

  1. Held head high
  2. Keep your stomach muscles tight
  3. Role your foot from heel to toe