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When medical science was not so advanced, people used natural ways to treat any pain or medical condition. Natural herbs, acupuncture, yoga, massage, such were the methods applied for natural healing, and then there was Music Therapy, an interesting treatment method for pain relief.

Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Various studies have been conducted, and it has been proved that music has healing power. Listening to music significantly reduces the intensity of pain as well as it even alleviates anxiety and depression that one feels due to painful conditions like arthritis.

What does music therapy do? How can a piece of music bring down the pain we feel? Let’s understand all.

How our brain responses to music and reduce pain?

Upon turning on music, our brain reacts to it and stimulates the central nervous system, which releases the body’s natural painkillers endorphin and impacts our endocrine, autonomic, and immune activity. Music activates our limbic system, the “emotional brain,” thereby leading to the experience of a broad range of music-evoked emotions, memories, and the senses. The increased levels of brain chemical dopamine due to the effect of music produces feelings of enjoyment, and substance P, which eases the pain and discomfort we feel.

How does music therapy work?
Music is no magic to ward off joint pain as soon as you listen to it. Consistency is the key in it. Music therapy needs continuous sessions and patience for treating joint pain. It slowly and gradually works on our pain to reduce it to zero.

Music therapy is also said to have the ability to stop the area of the brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for bringing forth negative emotions such as stress. Music influences our sleep cycles, moods, and other factors that contribute to a range of physical and emotional benefits. Therefore, when in pain, listening to music can distract us from pain, working as self-medication just like deep breathing and relaxation.

What type of music is suitable for joint pain relief? 

There is no specific music for joint pain relief. Any music you personally like to listen all the time or that which makes you feel good, happy, and calm, can work for you. Although classical music has been found useful in easing pain from chronic osteoarthritis, for some, soft melodies, instrumental, even heavy metal or rock music brings down the sensation of pain because it is the brain’s reaction to music that makes the difference and not just the music.

Music tips

Create your own playlist to battle pain. Listen to it whenever pain encounters or anytime you like. Make sure the music you are listening to is not extremely emotional, sad, or one that can bring up many negative memories for you as it can rev up your nervous system. Concentrate on your breathing and heart rate and try to synchronize your heartbeat to the beat of the music, deep breath, relax, and enjoy the music.

The benefits of music therapy are numerous like it relieves stress, relaxes our nerves and muscles, enhances our mood, reduces depression and anxiety, promotes faster healing, etc. but, music as a joint pain treatment is something epic and compelling. You can also combine it with electrotherapy device like SONICTENSCombo3 Plus or US 111 as a home remedy for joint pain for a better, faster, natural and permanent relief.