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  • “I love this product, and I respect both the product efficiency and the Zeal Max solution’s prompt, customer friendly whatsapp response. What ever is the issue that you have with ultracare pro machine, you can be 200% assured that you ‘ ll get an apt, empathetic response from them very soon. I initially bought this for my mom who has spondilysis , and bought another one for myself for cervical disc bulge in c3/4 C4/5 c5/6 to be taken to a foreign country that works in voltage range 110V. Your pain disappers soon if u use it in correct intensity and periodic usage. Use it with the ice pack for enhanced pain reduction. Love ultracare pro!”


  • “Its good. Being a Physio myself, I liked the product. However, I differ in terms of its buttons placement. They should be above the handle not below to see them easily. And it’s too expensive also.”


  • “Using this machine since one week. Have to say this is very usefull device for all physio who travels a lot with instruments. The problems with this machine is it’s lacks specification on some aspects like timer settings(only you can set time like 5- 10- 15 min), pulse mode setting(only one sub mode is there for pulse mode which I think is not great), range of intensity is only 1 to 8 which is also not recomandable, intensity starts immediately after switching the machine on(if would be better if intensity starts with 0 as default). But instead of all this I’m getting decent enough results with this machine and also not recommending this device for common people to use individually in their home.”


  • “It’s a awesome company n support staff is so great. I bought two machines n one had little issues. I called company and spoke to Karthik n he concluded all plms not be saying don’t worry but by performing beyond expectations. I’m so happy to see post selling services. Very reliable. All the best”

    -kalpna singh

  • “The product takes away your pain. It works like wonder. I wanted to buy it from a long time . It works wonderfully on my slip disc and spondylitis but you need to accompany it with stretching exercise. It improves blood circulation and takes away pain, but that’s not how you get strength back in you broken parts. This helps to make Ur pain go away but after all it depends on you how u see Ur broken part. For me its stretching and therapy both works like wonder. I am totally satisfied with it.”

    -Riya Biswas

  • “Used this for almost for the last 15 days. Really great for Arthritis and works like magic for general pain and muscle cramps. Reduces pain by 80% -90%., depending on the condition of the patient and aliment. It is small and handy and really useful.”


  • “My sister has had it for many months. She was very satisfied. I have purchased it on her strong recommendation, It was delivered in a very good package. I have not yet used it much, but I hope to put it to good use. It is of very good build and handy and in excellent working condition.”


  • “Excellent product. Adapter was not working properly. Got prompt service. Is very helpful for my mother who has knee pain and a fractured ankle joint.”


  • “The device cures lot of pains. Initially there was an issue with the adapter but the customer care executive has responded on time and replaced it. That was very prompt of them. The device is very portable. I carry it during travel. I would surely recommend it if you have chronic muscle issues and do not have time to go to a physiotherapist.”

    – Amazon Customer

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  • “I use it for my home visits. I am satisfied with its intensity and effectiveness, It is quite handy to carry. Gel provide with US is very good.”

    -Dr Dipika Malhotra

  • “As a chronic sufferer of joint and arthritis pain I have finally found relief for my mom. Thank you for providing such an incredible machine for such a reasonable price. I looked at many other machines before finally settling on yours. Thank you for providing such a great machine. She is using it for 15 minutes twice a day and it has made a significant difference.”

    -S Hirpara

  • “This product is absolutely effective for pain relief. It’s a new way of getting relief from pain without swallowing pills and avoiding side effects of painkiller. I used it for 2 weeks and found 100% relief in my back pain. Thanks to UltraCare PRO”

    -K Satasiya

  • “I’ve bought this because I understand ultrasound can be effective in the treatment of aches and pains. It looks and feels quite robust because what I want essentially is a reliable operation. It came well packaged. Up to now I feel quite pleased with the purchase.”

    -Amolika Banerjee

  • “Quick relief from cervical pain.Everyone can use it easily.”

    -Adv Kr

  • “I was suffering from arthritis. I used this device and got very good result. Operating is very easy and anybody can use it.Thank you”

    -Satishkumar Shetty

  • “I use it for my patients and found very good result. I am satisfied with the result of this product. GO FOR IT.”

    -Dr. Krunal Malhotra

  • “I am using it for my patient’s treatment. I am fully satisfied with its performance. It is same effective as conventional U.S.device. Easy to carry for home visits.”

    -Dr. Aarna

  • “Can’t say much this early… there is pain relief”

    -Anukesh Vasu Keloth

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