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tour, phone, motorbike, saigon, rain

tour, phone, motorbike, saigon, rain

Rainy season or monsoons are definitely never pleasant for driving. You might want to just relax at home instead of driving on those mucky, slippery, water-clogged roads with pot holes. Very true! But you might have to drive at times to work or drop kids to school or travel from one city to another. Here, we highlight some of the useful tips to keep in consideration for safe driving during these tough times in the rainy season.

Drive safely with your 2 wheelers and cars

  1. It is very crucial to get your vehicle regularly serviced, also keep a proper check of the brakes and a car
  2. Before the monsoon starts, it is advisable to change the worn out wipers.
  3. It is mandatory to maintain a good check on the headlights, fog lights, and the taillights to save you from untimely accidents during heavy rains.
  4. To save your car paint, obtain a wax coating done. Also, the inner parts of your car can be shielded from wetness with an anti-corrosion treatment done.
  5. The brakes of your vehicle play a vital role in protecting you; hence they should always be kept in an upright state. The worn out pads or liners lower down the proficiency of the brakes and direct to mishaps. For the drum brakes in your bike, change the brake pads and make them tidy from the inner side. For the disc brakes, check the discs regularly and also check the level of the brake oil.
  6. Do not make use of thin or worn out tires in the rainy season or if the rubber has worn out, do replace them. The treads essentially should be deep enough of 2-3mm depth in the center and both sides as well. The treads offer to hold and scatter water on the road.
  7. Frequently, keep a check on the tire compression and it is advisable to keep the proposed tire pressure (PSI) levels lesser in arid environments.
  8. It is essential to grease all the hinges and levers to proceed easily.
  9. Defend yourself with a solid helmet. It saves you from the injury in the head, face, eyes, jaws, etc.
  10. Do make yourself noticeable on the roads by wearing reflective bands or a perky helmet.
  11. Watch out for hurdles and road vulnerabilities.
  12. Keep a secured gap from other means of transport.
  13. Abide by the traffic rules. Never break them. Your safety is in your hands.
  14. Do not use your cell phone on the roads.
  15. Give way to the foot-travellers.
  16. At no time overhaul on busy roads.
  17. Prevent yourself from speeding on the roads to save your car from sliding while it’s raining.
  18. Keep a control on the clutch and accelerator when navigating through terrible pools of water.
  19. Seldom, race the engine to shove water outside the exhaust.
  20. To pass through cluttered up roads, make use of 1st and 2nd
  21. Care for your vehicle body by smearing a good quality wax polish. Get the abrasions, rusts, and dents in your vehicle mended by your service center to prevent further damage.
  22. Essentially, carry a torch in the monsoons while traveling in the dark or inadequately ignited roads as your smartphone light may not be enough.
  23. Keep an emergency medical kit ready in your car.
  24. Have a spade handy in your car to get rid of the mud from your tires.
  25. Most importantly save a list of the phone numbers of the traffic helpline/ car towing services in your cell phone.