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6 Signs You’re Over-stressed & How To Deal With Them

6 Signs You’re Over-stressed & How To Deal With Them

Stress is something that we face in our everyday life. Body, mind, work, relationships, money etc are the major stressors and an imbalance in any of these create pressure which ultimately leads to stress. Under normal circumstances, it is easier to identify and cope with it. But when we are over-stressed, we might not even realize as it masks itself under various symptoms. According to a recent survey, 89% of the population in India are stressed compared to the global average of 86% which is indeed a matter of worry.

Here are few alarming signs that you are overstressed and don’t even know it along with some stress management tips that you must start practicing right now.

Health Problems Related To Stress

hair loss
It’s normal to lose 100 strands of hair per day. But if you notice a sudden excessive hair loss leaving behind bald spots, it indicates that you are under the condition of a high-stress level. But you need not worry as stress and hair loss are not permanent conditions. You can easily get your lustrous mane back by bringing your stress under control. Mindful meditation, regular exercise, healthy supplements are some of the stress relieving tips that can help relax your mind and body, enabling you to deal with stress in a better way.

over weight
A sudden increase or decrease in weight is yet another signs that you are over-stressed. Under such stressful conditions, though at first, you may suffer from the loss of appetite, later you tend to overeat. Some find solace in eating sweets and junk food to lower their stress, least realizing that it adds to their belly fat. A healthy diet and exercise is the only solution to get back to your old healthier self.

chronic pain, back pain, shoulder pain
When your body hurts, pay attention, its stress taking a toll on your body. Increased levels of stress are the main reason behind all the aches and pains we complain about daily. Stress triggers the sympathetic nervous system to reduce blood flow to the muscles resulting in chronic joint pains. Nothing works better than using Electrotherapy devices to stimulate the blood flow and break free from the clutches of stress. Its safe and treats without any side effects.

Many of you might not be aware of it, but tension, fear and stress can lead to the loss of libido. Stress often leave us feeling exhausted killing our desire to get intimate with our partner. Do not let stress affect your relationship. Express your fear and concerns to your partner, it will be then easier for you to sort out things in a better way. Adopt relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, yoga etc. because along with hormonal stability, a healthy state of mind is also required for a fulfilling sex life.

After a long busy day, do you feel tired but have a difficult time falling asleep? Then you are under the spell of overstress. Lack of a good amount of sleep can make you feel more exhausted and frustrated and can even reduce your quality of life and productivity. Make sure that you get 6-7 hours of sleep each night. Include aerobics in your regular exercise to get a better sleep. Never consider alcohol or sleeping pills as a remedy to your insomniac conditions.

Do you feel positive and upbeat one moment then down and depressed the next? This rollercoaster of feelings is nothing but one of the symptoms of stress. Mental health is the first thing to get affected when the level of stress and anxiety gets high. These unstable emotions not only affect our health but also cause disturbances in work, relationships and routine life. To manage these fluctuations, identify its causes and stay aware of your thought patterns. Share your anxieties with your family and friends to ease your mental burdens.

If you are facing any of the above signs, identify them and act on it as early as possible. If not tackled on time, stress can lead to health problems worsening or increasing the risk of conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. Get over the stress before the stress gets over you and let getting a quality and balanced life be your first priority.