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Natural Remedies to Cure Post Workout Pain

Natural Remedies to Cure Post Workout Pain

joint pain, workout pain, muscle pain

There is a mass favorite myth that post exercise soreness reflects effectiveness of the workout. Though post exercise pain is a common issue, it nowhere means it does not need to be addressed. Muscle soreness is experienced if you push yourself beyond your capacity or if you try new routines. So here are some natural remedies to get rid of the same.

1. Stretch

stretch, morning yoga

When you exercise, your muscles get contracted and fibers get shorter. So to bring them back to normalcy, stretching is very important. It calms down your body temperature and helps in regaining the mobility of your muscles and fibers.

2. Massage your joints

deep-tissue-massage, massage on joints

Massaging your sore joints can definitely help in relieving pain. It will release the muscle tension and make you feel relaxed. You can use magnesium oil. It consists of magnesium chloride and can work as a great muscle relaxant. Occasional use of foam roller can also help in getting rid of inflammatory fluids and can give a good massage to the sore muscles.

3. Hot pack therapy

hot therapy pack

A hot bath or a hot pack therapy after a rigid workout can help in getting relief from soreness of muscles. Apart from that, it also helps in calming down the inflammation.

4. Cold pack therapy

cold therapy

If you experience muscle swelling post workout then cold therapy is for you. Rub ice pack at the affected area and feel relieved.

5. A short walk or a cycle ride

short walk on cycle

It is difficult to move with muscle soreness and walking after a tough workout sounds painful. But things can get worse if you do not move. One must move to calm down their body’s temperature and muscle soreness. A short walk or a cycle ride will help in improving blood circulation and enhance the supply of oxygen to the joints, which can help in bringing relief from the pain.

6. Hydrate

hydrate, drink water

Many a times, dehydration makes a workout troublesome and painful. So make sure that you are properly hydrated while working out and even after that. A hydrated body can quickly recover from muscle soreness post exercise. Light yellow or colorless urine is a sign of a hydrated body.

7. Food

healthy foods, healthy vegetables, good health

Have nutritious food to avoid muscle soreness post workout. Having more of green leafy vegetables can help in enhancing your metabolism and can give energy to your muscles. Fruits like watermelon, berry, Kiwi and pineapple can also help in fighting against pain and inflammation. Fish and fish oil are also reliable options.

8. Rest

after workout rest

Rest well post workout to get relief from muscle soreness. Your body needs enough time to remove lactic acids from your worked out muscles.

9. Physiotherapy devices

physiotherapy device, physiotherapy device

In case of extreme pain, use physiotherapy devices to get relief. Having pain killers can cause side effects in long run while on the other hand; physio devices provide quick relief that too without any side effects or drug-invasion.