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6 Tips to Pack Like a Pro for Your Next Vacation

6 Tips to Pack Like a Pro for Your Next Vacation

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Summer calls for vacation which means fun, but to enjoy that fun, one has to go through one big stress and that is packing.

Packing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if you are going away for a weekend or a month, there are things you must pack to have a stress-free vacation or else you will end up running in search of stores in your destination.

Travelling solo or have booked a vacation with family, the following vacation packing tips will make your holidays merrier than you thought.

Packing tips for a pleasant vacation

  1. Start with the packing list – Does it happen often that you reach the airport and realize your passport is in your drawer and wish only if you had prepared a checklist? Or dump whatever you get at the last moment in your bag and jump on it to close it? That shows the lack of planning. Always prepare a packing list as per the type and length of your vacation, the itinerary, climate and your mode of transportation, a few days before your journey. This will help you pack important things without missing anything as well help run a quick check at the end.

Start with the packing list

  1. Try compression packing – The more the bags, the less the fun, as it will also cost you airline baggage fees as well. So, better pack smartly so as not to increase the number of bags. For that, vacuum compression bags are easily available at the market in which you can put your clothes in, seal it and then squeeze the air out which will give you more space. Also, make use of packing cubes to keep things organised.

Try compression packing

  1. Rolling is better than folding – Folded clothes take up more space then the rolled ones and even are less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases.
  2. A Handy bag is a must – Your passport, ID card, wallet, charger, medicines, all these are not supposed to be packed in a suitcase. Carry them all in a small handy bag. The good thing is you can even place your TENS unit or Ultrasound Therapy machine for instant pain relief as they are portable and lightweight.
  3. Avoid large, pack samples – Moisturizer, shampoo, sunscreen, there are a number of toiletries you need on your vacationInstead of carrying the big bottles of all, buy the mini versions which will take up less space as well help you get through the airline checking as well.
  4. Keep some extra bags and some space – Dirty laundry, wet clothes, spoiled footwear, while returning from your family vacation, there might be a lot of these for which keep some extra bags. Don’t pack tightly, leave some space to bring some souvenirs from your vacation.

Other important vacation packing tips

  • Use zip lock bags as much as possible as they keep things sorted and consume less space.
  • Go digital. Like you can avoid stacking books, maps, GPS, documents etc., as a smartphone can do the job of multiple materialistic things.
  • Use laundry service for long trips so that you can reuse your clothes. Also, pack dual-purpose garments like inside-out clothes or pants that can be converted into shorts.
  • Avoid just-in-case items as such cases never arise most of the times.
  • Try to wear the weights like a heavy boot or a jacket instead of overloading your luggage.
  • Go compact. Instead of carrying too many painkillers, ice pack, heat pad, splints etc., carry one single solution for all, an electrotherapy machine.

In a nutshell

Whether you want to move around dragging oversized suitcases or enjoy your vacation with sorted luggage, is up to you. One thing is sure that if you pack following the packing tips and your packing list, nothing will spoil your vacation mode.