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Benefits of Mango – The King of fruits

Benefits of Mango – The King of fruits

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Imagine life without fruits. What would it be? But we graced with such fruits by nature that one or the other fruit is liked by an individual. Every season brings different types of fruits with it in the form of taste, colour, texture, shape and benefits of mango for our body. Fruits are the best choice almost everyone have for their breakfast. It is very interesting to observe that every fruit has its own importance and nutritious value that adds colours to our life. Here we saw some of the benefits of eating mango this summer.

We know that summer has arrived and so brings new variety of fruits with different tastes. One such fruit that is most popular in summer and is almost on everyone’s mouth, we call it “Mango”. Mango is such fruit wherein we find different tongue-friendly tastes like sweet, juicy and many others. Mango is commonly known as “Fruit of the Paradise”. We never find such tasty fruit anywhere else in the world except in India. Mango has very interesting scientific name “Mangifera indica”. When we talk about highest cultivator and exporter of mango then it is India that has such large farming capacity and land is very friendly and fertile for mangoes.

Mango is called as “King of Fruits” because of its high nutrients value and its usefulness in losing extra pounds. Isn’t it interesting? This fruit is also known for its fragrance that we rarely find in other fruits. As it has so many benefits and very popular, people specially wait for summer season and grab all those mangoes to eat as much as they can. Consumption of mangoes protects us from severe health issues like early ageing problems, cancer, heart problems, cataract and many other similar diseases. As mangoes contain potassium it helps in regulating blood pressure and fluid in the body. Mangoes provides sources of iron, niacin, calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and magnesium.

Mangoes has plenty other benefits that makes it popular around the world. Some of the major benefits are:-

1. Helps in overcoming respiratory problems:
Problems like bronchitis, breathing problems for people who smoke, asthma can be cured by beta-carotene present in mangoes. The more we consume beta-carotene with Vitamin C; the more it helps to increase lungs capacity that really protects us from asthma, acute bronchitis and other breathing problems.
2. Strengthens bones in our body:
Frequent bone fracture is the result of deficiency of Vitamin K. Normally, for strengthening our bones calcium is the key aspect to be considered in the form of fruits or vegetables. Mango has all this to offer an individual for good amount of calcium.
3. Boosts memory very much:
Elder or younger ones having less memory capacity can get help from mangoes as they contain good amount of Glutamine acid which helps to activate cells and increase memory power. Mangoes is one of the finest source of increasing concentration in kids.
4. Beneficial for increasing immunity:
It is very important to know that mango has one of the finest source of Vitamin C that helps to strengthen and increase immune system in our body. The increase in immunity helps to protect ourselves from infections, cold, flu and many other common diseases.
5. Boon for Women:
As mango contains iron naturally, it helps to cure anaemia and problems related to iron deficiency. Women with pregnancy or menopause are always advised to eat ripen mangoes in liquid form or solid form to increase the level of iron and calcium in the blood.
6. Excellent source for improving digestion:
Mangoes are rich in fibres which ultimately improves our digestive system. It mainly helps to cure constipation, increase energy level and purifies blood. Enzymes present in mangoes makes it easier to breakdown protein and carbohydrate.

Here we saw some of the benefits of eating mango this summer. So, eat mangoes and be the king of your health.