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5 Knee Pain Exercises to Keep Knees Young and Fit

5 Knee Pain Exercises to Keep Knees Young and Fit

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Each part of our body starts ageing as we get old. Our joints and muscles are put into so much use every second that it is understandable that they get tear as time passes. Our knee joint is one such that suffers the most.

Our knees carry us all around by helping us walk, sit, stand, run. Did you know about 1½ times of our body weight is placed on our knees with every step and it doubles when we climb or run? With all these pressure the shock absorbers and the smooth tissue in our knee joint slowly start fading, triggering knee cap pain which is why every other older adult complain of pain in the knee joint.

It is true that one of the best treatment for knee pain is exercise but not everyone is capable to practice certain knee strengthening exercises after 50, for which, we have curated the 5 simple and best exercises for knee pain.


walking, morning walking, morning walking

One of the simplest exercises for knee pain is walking. It can be done anytime and as much as you can because your knees need movement no matter what and as you old, the more you walk, the better. Staying sedentary will only make already stiff knees stiffer but as you walk, the muscles and bones around the knee will become strong. Start strolling for about 15 minutes daily for 5-6 days in a week and gradually increase the walking time up to 30 minutes. Walking will only keep you overall healthy and fit.


For the pain in the knee joint, nothing helps as much as a physical workout and cycling, is said to be the best exercise for knee pain.  Cycling will keep your knee joints stay active as well make them strong enough for you to get going.


set ups

Senior Couple Exercising In Park

Who said as you old you can’t exercise? There are some knee pain exercises that require no hardcore physical activity but can bring down the severity of knee pain among the oldlike step-ups. Set up a platform using a low bench or you can even use stairs. Stand on the platform and slowly lower the one foot to the floor, touching your toes to the ground return it to the platform and repeat with the other foot for 10 to 12 times.

Quadriceps stretching

Stretching is the best way to keep your knee joints in good condition and quadriceps stretching is a simple and easy exercise for old age. Grab a chair, stand behind and hold it for support. Now bring one leg up to buttocks folding the knees. Hold your ankles with one hand and push your leg towards buttocks as much as you can. Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds. Repeat with another leg.

Knee bends

knee bends

Another treatment for knee pain is to activate the gluteal muscles of your leg which will help stabilize your knees. To activate them, stand on one leg, push the hip back, keep the chest lifted. Now, lower your hip and slightly bend your knee. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat a few times.

Our knee is one of the most used and important joints in our body but is at the same time very delicate. Hence, the health of your knee must be taken seriously as you age because if you don’t give them proper and ample care, the risks associated with it are no less. Although for any acute to chronic pain in the knee, the one knee pain home remedy i.e electrotherapy is recommended, making knee pain exercises a daily routine will help your knees stay young and fit.