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What Happens to your Body when you Exercise!

What Happens to your Body when you Exercise!

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Many people workout every day in one or different way. Whatever the motto be, losing weight, getting in shape, developing abs or just self-love; exercising changes a lot about a person. However, very few people exactly know what happens in our body, while we exercise. So here is the detailed description of what happens to your body while you are busy working out.

1.       The first thing everybody experiences while exercising is increased heart beat and pulse rate and it is because when you work out, you muscle need more oxygen so your breathing becomes faster. Basically, your cardio-respiratory system starts functioning at a higher speed while on the other hand your digestive system slows down. Blood supply to brain also increases and you become more alert and focused.

2.       Your muscles get contracted while you exercise. The glucose and sugar your body has stored from the food you eat get used up while you exercise and give energy to you throughout your regime. Our body also uses ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and if it is out of stock, it will need more of oxygen to create ATP. Your muscles also experience minor tear while working out, which help them grow and become stronger. It also helps in the healing process in the longer run. At times, people also experience muscle soreness post working out. It is because the muscles that are usually habituated to rest are brought to function in a form of a rigorous routine. It is pretty normal in the beginning and once your muscles get used to with the routine, the pain too decreases.

3.       Since your body needs more oxygenated blood while you exercise, the heart has to pump more blood and work at a faster pace. The heart beat can go from 60-100 beats per minute to nearly 200 beats per minute. This strengthens your heart muscles and also helps in controlling blood pressure as it creates new blood vessels.

4.       If the blood flow affects the heart, it then definitely affects the kidneys as well. The rate at which, kidneys filter blood also increases and so after working out, your kidneys filter more of protein and keep you hydrated.

5.       Another common phenomenon that all exercise-savvy people would have noticed is that there is a rise in the body temperature. And soon after the session, your body temperature starts cooling down. So blood vessels in the skin dilate which helps your skin to be healthier and clearer.

6.       Your joints too get affected through regular exercising.  Exercising puts more weight on your joint and this makes the cartilage more flexible. Besides, the fluid present in the joints flow more smoothly and makes the joints more flexible.

Apart from these changes, you also experience boost in confidence and self-esteem. Your sleep quality also improves. Your brain releases more of endorphins which can lift your mood.

Revamp Your Morning Routine To Make Your Morning Good

Revamp Your Morning Routine To Make Your Morning Good

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The alarm is not shutting up in spite of snoozing it like a million times, your 5 more minutes ultimately ends up into half an hour, by the time you jolt awake you’re late for work, you skip exercise, shower, breakfast and rush for work, after long hours of mental stress at work you come back home, eat and fall into the bed. Period. Sounds familiar? Because it is what most of our daily routine looks like.

The morning is what that makes our entire day and if you’re not a morning person, you have no idea how much you are losing. As per an interesting research by My Morning Routine, only 7% of participants stuck with their morning routine while for others it was just a day or two, after that, again the same snoozing morning. But, don’t worry we have got a plan for you which can give you a good morning motivation to kick-start your day.

Remember, it’s not only the body you have to wake up for a healthy start but your mind and soul too. So, let’s check out how to wake up early in the morning and lead a healthy lifestyle.

➔ Plan your next day and sleep. The personal and professional goals will motivate you to become an early bird.
➔ Set up a soothing alarm. Avoid frightening noises and vibrates.
➔ Wake up with a glass of water as it will circulate the nutrients in the body, plus its good for weight loss and glowing skin.
➔ Practice deep breathing because breathing detoxifies and releases 70% of our body’s toxins through the lungs.
➔ Hit the floor and practice some home workout or opt for a gym workout and carry out cardio and weight loss exercises. If nothing, just take a simple walk in the fresh air and have some Vitamin D, because physical fitness is only what will keep you going.
➔ Get under that shower and visualize that you are scrubbing your stress and washing away your worries that are stuck to your body.
➔ Never skip the morning breakfast. The best time to have it is 7 am. Google some simple healthy breakfast ideas that can save time. Try keeping it an as low-calorie breakfast as possible.
➔ Some healthy food tips, a fresh fruit or vegetable juice is good to start with followed by protein-rich items like egg or sprouts and to breakfast like a king, consume regular breakfast items consisting of complex or healthy carbs like moong dal chilla/ idly/ vegetable upma/ vegetable dosa / red poha etc.

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➔ Don’t check your phone as soon as you wake up. Avoid feeding your fresh mind with junks.
➔ Listen to some mantras, roll your mat and meditate.
➔ Visualize your success and plan your day
➔ Prioritize your work, divide chores into small chunks
➔ Read articles about health
➔ Take breaks in between and relax

Sunrise-Meditation, SOUL
➔ Again yoga and meditation can keep you motivated and your inner core happy
➔ Find inspiration and try to learn and implement healthy habits into your daily routine
➔ Practice gratitude. Do what you love
➔ Learn something new about anything every day.
➔ Ask yourself, evaluate and try to enhance the next day.

The fear of not sticking to the morning routine is the main reason many of us don’t even start with it. Dump that fear first and give it a start anyways. Slowly and steadily you will get there. Stay positive, keep yourself motivated, practice healthy habits, keep consuming healthy snack and hydrating throughout the day, move in between, stretch and relax, spend time with your loved ones as well as yourself, write what you’re thankful for and get some good night’s sleep for like minimum 7 hours, then nothing can stop you from leading a healthy lifestyle.