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5 Effective Ways to Avoid Joint Pain in Winter

5 Effective Ways to Avoid Joint Pain in Winter

Onset of winter is greeted by many but; at times the temperature drop affects our body negatively. Low temperature usually causes joint stiffness, soreness in joints or inflammation. This makes our joints less flexible and in turn we experience pain or it can also lead to a major injury. To prevent such conditions, we have got 5 most useful tips. Have a look.

1. Eat good food

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Befriend food that is rich in Omega-3, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Omega-3 rich foods like, Salmon and nuts can keep a control on inflammation. Food items like green leafy vegetables that are rich in terms of Vitamin K can bring relief from pain. Fruits that are packed with Vitamin C can bring comfort to the damaged cartilage. Apart from that, Yogurt, herbs and spices can also be of great help. However, say no to saturated fat, trans fats, omega 6 fatty acids, refined carbohydrate and MSG.

2. Dress well

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Winter demands you to be overdressed. Surely not in literal terms but you have to layer up. Wear warm clothes to avoid skin exposure to cold weather. If you are planning to stay out in winter for long, wearing warm clothes becomes altogether more necessary. Gloves, caps, knee caps, socks everything and anything that make you feel warm and comfortable should be worn.

3. Get going with exercise

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Early cold mornings do not let you get of the bed but; this luxury can be harmful. Working out in winters is really helpful for preventing joint pains. Well if you are not a gym freak then mild stretching and exercising can be of great help. Something as easy as walking and running can also do. Make it a point to be out in sun for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. But make sure that you do not exercise without warming up. You can also cater the issue by being conscious about regular activities, like take stairs instead of elevators or escalators for limited storeys. You should also take care of your posture. Wrong postures can elevate pain.

4. Stay hydrated


Low temperature causes stiffness of joints and that further leads to pain. To avoid muscle friction, drink lot of water. It will keep you energized and would help in increasing your stamina to exercise better. Studies have proved that even mild dehydration can bring you pain sensations.

5. Lose weight

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It might sound a bit abrupt but it’s true. People who are overweight face extreme joint pain in winter. So it is advisable to lose weight during winter by eating right kind of food and exercising in order to avoid joint pain. Excessive weight can cause more pressure to the muscles and joints and in turn it leads to threatening diseases.

General tips:
1. If possible preheat your room and car
2. Do not take mild pain or minor injuries lightly
3. Don’t shower in cold water
4. Avoid over exertion
5. Don’t let lethargic attitude creep in

Housewives and Joint Pain: Causes and Solutions

Housewives and Joint Pain: Causes and Solutions

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Housewives have to carry out a lot of domestic chores. They may or may not get help but in general their routine and lifestyle poses several threats to their joints. Be it something related to the wrong methods of doing the chores or the sedentary lifestyle, their quotidian is not much joint friendly.
Let us have a look at certain of its causes

1. Excessive kneeling
Many housewives suffer from knee pain. In reality, they are the victims of inflammation of the bursa. Their front knee experiences swelling and pain. Sometimes that area turns red too. Major chores require kneeling and it causes pressure and friction among bursa and kneecap. Housewives usually don’t pay attention on their postures and time span involved, which leads to inflammation and in turn knee pain.

2. Wrong postures
Usually a housewife is a pro at managing things and doing it all right for her family members but, when it comes to looking at her own body posture, she seems to be a bit not-interested. Conducting tedious tasks or even standing or seating in wrong postures can cause joint pain. Poor posture habits lead to osteoarthritis- due to heavy pressure on knees. Muscles and discs problems are also generally faced due to poor postures.

3. Sedentary lifestyle
Having considered that many of the times, housewives run ultra-busy, and they hardly have time for themselves, it shall also be understood that, at times they also lead a sedentary lifestyle where, leisure has got place but exercise has no room. This causes joint pain.
Other causes include, stress, depression, unattended injuries and also regular wear and tear of muscles due to excessive movements.

Let us look at some solutions
1. Carefully conduct the chores

Housewives consider their chores their primary duty and perform the same with sheer authority however, they should focus on their health too. Say for example don’t rush into things. Plan your schedule and work accordingly to avoid sudden jerks and pressures. Rest during or between the chores even for 5 minutes. Keep on shuffling your postures and in case of minor injuries or pain, consult the doctor.

2. Get involved in exercising and stretching
If along with being a housewife, you are able to be an exercise enthusiast, then it would keep all joint problems at bay. If the rigid schedule of yours doesn’t permit that, then try stretching. Stretch before starting your chores, during your chores and after getting done with them too. Yoga can also be of great help here.

3. Food and weight mechanism
Having a healthy diet is a must for all, including housewives. Having nutritious meals and snacks that can improve bone density and joint strength is advisable. Besides, housewives can easily gain weight due to their sedentary lifestyle. This shall not happen as heavy weight invites lot many joint problems.

4. Physiotherapy
In case of extreme pain, it is advisable to go for physiotherapy treatment that assures drug-free and Natural pain relief.

Get your push ups right!

Get your push ups right!

Push Ups, Exercise for home, physiotherapy home exercise

Push ups are one of the most loved exercises world-wide as they do not require any equipment. You can perform push-ups anytime and anywhere. They are one of best exercises to strengthen arms, chest and extends the longevity of muscles. You can earn these benefits if you do them right. It might sound odd to you but that’s true. Not all of us do push-ups correctly. In fact not many know that there are 3 types of variations in push-ups.

1. The regular one: Hands being wider than the shoulder

2. Diamond: Put your arms under your chest

3. Wide-arm: Put your arms wide away from your shoulders

Common mistakes and solutions:
1. Getting the rep wrong
An ideal push up includes finishing a full rep. Rep is getting your body completely down and taking it completely up. Some either get their hip down or some even bend their knees. Nothing of this sort is allowed. The entire back should be in alignment and shall go down and up together. The trick is going slow. Once you have taken the position, push your body down and make sure that nobody part is bent. Let your chest get the closest to the ground and then slowly go up till your elbow gets straight.

2. Feet counts
Many people argue of poor feet grip while doing push-ups. It is simply because of losing balance and experiencing more of weight on the toes. Now the solution to this is very easy. Find your spot. Ideally, wider foot placements help in doing better push-ups but this doesn’t help everyone. So figure out your comfortable position and maintain it all through the time. Do not experiment with it.

3. Head held high
Push ups in the beginning can be troublesome and painful and can force you to get your head down but that’s the battle to conquer. You should look up while doing push-ups to help your body be in a line. Well, if you have mastered the art of keeping your body in one line without covering your head then you can look down occasionally.

4. Straight arms matter
Newbies may mess up with the arm and elbow position. The fact is, your elbow or arms would start flying away from the body when they would be experiencing extreme pain. Once you realize the same, get back your energy or take a pause and start again. Push ups done with wrong arm positions help none. In fact, you would rather end up wasting your time. So keep your arms stable as much as possible and try to outperform yourself each time.

5. Breathing it rights
Some people just forget to maintain a breathing pace while doing push-ups and hence get tired easily. So focus on maintaining an apt breathing cycle that says; inhale while going down and exhale while going up.
Get going with these handy tips to nail a perfect push up.