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10 Reasons Why You Should Gulp Water On An Empty Stomach

10 Reasons Why You Should Gulp Water On An Empty Stomach

drink water, empty stomach
Since childhood, we all grew up hearing the benefits of drinking water but still we reach out to the rescuer, water, only when our throat dries up or when our tongue is all spiced up. Other than that, how many of us are drinking too much water without any reason?Did you know how much drinking water daily? Very few. And how many of us are drinking it right i.e on an empty stomach? That will be very rare, because hardly we know the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach.

Water is not just a thirst quencher, it is a lot more than you think. Almost 70 to 75 % of our body is composed of water and to maintain its level, it is essential to keep our body hydrated. We all are familiar with the importance of drinking water, but the benefits of consuming a glass of lukewarm water on a empty stomach is something you must note down now. So here are not one or two but 10 reasons why you should start drinking water on your empty stomach.

#Reason 1 – Healthy Gut
Healthy Gut
Water flushes out our digestive tract thus preventing constipation and regularizing our bowel movements. Hence your gut stays clean and healthy which means you stay happy.

#Reason 2 – Weight Loss
Weight Loss, healthy body
If you want to lose weight without any side-effects or hardcore exercises, try water therapy. With zero calories in it, drinking water at frequent intervals will keep your stomach full, preventing you from having food cravings which is the main reason of weight gain.

#Reason 3 – Beats Infections and Boosts Immunity
Beats Infections and Boosts Immunity
We have our immune system to fight infections but, upon introducing water into our empty stomach increases the body’s efficiency to fight infections further. It can cure numerous common diseases like headache, body ache, heart ailments, arthritis, bronchitis, TB, kidney and urine diseases, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, cancer, menstrual disorders, ENT diseases etc.

#Reason 4 – Healthy Skin
Healthy Skin healthy body
Who doesn’t love to have a clear and glowing skin? Drinking water in the morning will help clear out the blemishes and dark patches, caused due to the accumulated toxins in your body, making your skin healthy and clear.

#Reason 5 – Energy Booster
Energy Booster, healthy body
Do you often get up feeling tired? A glass of warm water is all you need to kick start your day. Water stimulates the red blood cells to grow faster, which results in more oxygen and energy, making you feel active instantly.

#Reason 6 – Improves Metabolism
Improves Metabolism, healthy
For those on diet, a glass of water on an empty stomach can prove to be extremely beneficial as it increases the metabolic rate by almost 25% which means faster digestion and weight-loss.

#Reason 7 – No Migraine Attacks
No Migraine Attacks, headache
Lack of water in body can trigger a lot of discomforts, among which, is migraine. Dehydration is the root cause of such headaches so if start your day with a glass of water and stay hydrated, migraines won’t be a problem anymore.

#Reason 8 – Clean Colon
Clean Colon, healthy body
A healthy colon means a healthy you as all the waste of our body gets deposited over there. Hence, it is very much important to keep it clean. Drinking water on an empty stomach will help your digestive tract to get rid of the accumulated waste and thus prevent the onset of colon cancer. Moreover, it also enables the faster absorption of nutrients thus keeping your colon healthier.

#Reason 9 – Body Cleanser
Body Cleanser
Do you know why it is considered good to drink more water and pee? Because it is our body’s way to flush out the toxins. It is the best and natural way of cleansing and detoxifying your body.

#Reason 10 – Healthy Organs
Healthy Organs, drink water
Our organs are constantly functioning to keep us going. To keep them healthy and to balance the lymph system that balances our body fluids, water is essential.

Benefits of Lemon:
Benefits of Lemon, reduce body fat
To yield further benefits out of this water therapy, add a dash of lemon into it and enjoy!