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Benefits of Morning Walk

Benefits of Morning Walk

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Healthy Morning walk is the key element in keeping your body fit and healthy. This is the time when you are more relaxed than at other times during the day. Walking in the early morning helps to activate our senses to perform better for rest of the day. While we walk in the morning try to breathe deeply, this way your whole body gets oxygenated well. The best thing about choosing to walk in the morning is because that is time period when the air is free from pollution and even the surrounding is peaceful.

Beyond this let us see some key benefits we can get while walking in the early morning:-

  1. Benefits your appetite by regulating digestive system well:
    Today, when we have such environment in the offices we work where we have to sit and work but now much physical. This disturbs our digestion cycle and many severe problems arises. To avoid this, morning walk is the Best medicine for any constipation related problems. After a regular morning walk; healthy breakfast is advisable to take. Usually when we get up late in the morning we mess the whole day’s schedule and skip breakfast to reach office on time this is also not good.
  2. Good for our mind to help us keep calm and work effectively:
    When we take a look at all the benefits of walking in the morning this is the prime benefit we get of it. A proper sleep at night and waking up for the morning walk results in keeping our mind fresh throughout the day, even if we have hectic jobs to do we will surely end up on positive side that is guaranteed. While we start walking in the morning the calm air passing by and the sunlight which is not so hot rejuvenates our body and mind. This keeps us away from stress.
  3. Helps to glorify our skin:
    We often wonder or plan to make our skin glow all the time but end up with no results. Morning walk is the best cream for our skin to stay glowing all day. Wonder how? While we walk in the morning we know that pollution level is very low because of least frequency of vehicles passing by and this atmosphere is perfect to gain Vitamin D directly from sun which is one of the key element for glowing skin.
  4. Regulates proper blood circulation in the body:
    Walking is another form of cardio exercise that regulates blood circulation in the body. Normally, we know that while we walk in the morning our heart beats perform faster and this helps to transport blood to all other parts of the body. Our sugar level, blood pressure, heart rate and everything gets normal when we walk regularly for 30 – 45 minutes daily. We also help our body to keep away from any type strokes or heart related problems that is increasing day by day.
  5. Best time slot to plan for whole day:
    Many times it happens that we find that if we get space to plan ourselves for something then we can increase productivity and work efficiency. But we always feel ourselves forced to do other thing leaving the first work doing perfectly as per plan. Morning walk time is the time slot to rethink the plans or commitments given to any work by you and set it again this time with proper plan. When we actually put this method into practice we will find that this will work like wonders, and we will be available to do more works with priority. This time slot is the best platform to improve our concentration and focus on one thing.

“When you go for a walk, your time belongs to you.”

Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

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Exercising regularly is definitely important to lead a healthy life in general. But to enjoy the benefits of your exercise to the fullest, you have to adopt the pre and post exercise rituals- warming up and cooling down.

A good warm up can prepare your body for the exercise. It raises the body temperature and also increases blood flow. This in turn lets your muscles and bones have more of oxygen, improving muscle flexibility and decreases chances of injury and accident. Warm up routines vary from person to person as it is directly related with the intensity and nature of the exercise that is to be performed. One person’s exercise regime can be other person’s warm up schedule and vice a versa. Basically, you should design your warm up in such a way that it energizes you and doesn’t bring you fatigue.

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Walks, jogs, and stretches are commonly performed as warm up routines. Start your warm up routine with low-intensity walks or jogs to prepare your muscles for coming activities. Walk slowly for 2-3 minutes then slowly shift to brisk walking or jogging.

After a good walk or jog of about 5 to 10 minutes go for stretching. Do not reverse the order. If you stretch your body without initial warm up, your cold muscles might find it inappropriate and end up troubling you. Also, to avoid exercise injury, stretching is must and to perform stretches up to the optimal level, you need your muscles to be warm and a little elastic. Talking about the nature of stretching, it shall depend upon the exercise you are planning to perform. However, make sure that you are addressing major muscles and joints. All in all, warm up prepares you for the exercise, physically and mentally.

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While it is important to increase body temperature before exercise, it is also important to bring it back to normalcy post workout. Otherwise, you may encounter injury. When you exercise, your blood circulation and heart beats get pumped up. If the strenuous exercise activities are stopped all of a sudden, your heart might get unnecessary stress. Also, during exercising, the blood pool in the large muscles is higher so if the transition is not taken care of with a cool down, you might feel dizzy. Increased blood circulation during workout shall also be brought to normalcy, if not a sudden drop in blood pressure can be experienced.

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A regular cool down exercise set consists of short slow walks, mild stretching and may be some yoga. If you are a water baby then opt for swimming or if you love to shake a leg then dancing too would do. Walking slowly would bring back energy flow to normalcy. Stretching helps to bring back your muscles to regularity and can reduce their temperature. Yoga on the other hand calms down breathing and heart rate.

So make sure that your workout is accompanied by a minimum 15 minutes warm up session and a minimum 10 minutes cooling down session.