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Harmful Effects of Painkillers

Harmful Effects of Painkillers

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Painkillers are often used as quick relief giving tools. OTC- over the counter painkillers are found in most of the houses. However, they carry a high risk of side effects. If consumed in a right way and in right quantity, they are totally safe and that is the reason of them being available over the counter, but more of the times they are abused. Apart from that, prescribed painkillers are also harmful and cause serious health issues.

More of times people have drugs even after it is not valid for the pain they experience because of its addiction. In other cases, having prescribed drugs increases the tolerance levels of the person consuming them, hence he or she will end up having higher dose of it.

In general, the role of a painkiller is to control the opioid receptors of the nervous system that are responsible for the body to experience pain or pleasure. When the painkillers are busy doing this job, our body also absorbs chemicals from it and simultaneously gets addicted to it, giving birth to certain side effects.

1. Constipation


Painkillers often affect the bowel system of a person. Intensity and severity of the condition would depend upon the nature and quantity of the medicine. Opioids can sway away some of the toughest pain conditions but at the same time can cause constipation, usually on the second or third of consumption. From minor tummy cramps to something as serious intestine blockage, constipation caused by painkillers is highly dangerous. Usually, people on heavy prescriptions of painkillers are also given medication to soften the tool to avoid extreme conditions.

2. Weakened immune system

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Our immune system helps us to combat against pain and infection naturally. But when we consume painkillers its capacity to fight decreases. It might be possible that you don’t fall sick frequently but a weak immune system could not support quick recovery from the illness or injury.

3. Hormonal imbalance

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Many a times, people experience an imbalance of hormones in their body because of excessive consumption of painkillers. Low levels of testosterone or estrogen are some of the major problems faced by the addicts. Women also suffer from menstrual issues and irregularities due to painkillers.

4. Lungs and liver at danger

Lungs, liver at danger

Painkillers can affect our ability to breathe. Research has proven that opiate like oxycodone or hydrophone can bring with them certain harmful fluids that get developed in the lungs. This damages them and also affects the regular functioning of lungs.

Our liver breaks down and processes all the painkillers we consume. So if the painkillers are consumed again and again, your liver might store toxins due to heavy abuse. These toxins can further damage your liver.

Other side effects
1. Drowsiness
2. Poor focus span
3. Poor memory
4. Mood swings
5. Depression

Do not get addicted to pain killers. Make use of natural and drug-free methods to get relief from pain.