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4 Amazing Benefits of Electrotherapy!

4 Amazing Benefits of Electrotherapy!


Electrotherapy as the word suggests is the therapy that uses electrical energy. It is a stimulation therapy used to reduce pain and speed up healing process. Electrotherapy devices consist of an adaptor/battery-powered device that is connected to (conductive) electrode pads through wires. The pads are placed on the skin and the device transmits low frequency bio electrical pulses to your muscles through the pads. These create a soothing or a massage-like sensation, giving relief from muscle pain. Its multifaceted benefits can be classified as follows:

 1. Reduce localized inflammation

joint pain, back pain, neck pain, wrist pain

Electrotherapy treatment works as an ideal anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a localized physical condition during which a person experiences pain, swelling and even redness. Now the question is what causes inflammation? Basically, inflammation is a part of body’s immune process but if it persists for long, it can be troublesome. Usually, injuries and/or allergies cause inflammation. If the same is not taken care of, it can lead to serious issues. One of the simplest and natural ways of curing inflammation is electrotherapy machine. The one’s that are usually used are TENS unit and Ultrasound therapy. When you place the pads on the skin, the signals are transmitted which block the pain receptors hence; the muscles feel relaxed and there is a reduction in pain and swelling.

Click here http://bit.ly/2IgP66o

Click here http://bit.ly/2IgP66o

2.Improve blood Circulation


Poor blood circulation can cause numbness, muscle cramps and also nerve and tissue damage. Dry skin, hair flow, dizziness and even fatigue are common signs of poor blood flow. Here, Physiotherapy machine works as a pro. Apart from giving a soothing feeling to your muscles and bones, it also accelerates blood circulation. At times, poor flow causes muscle and joint pain. So regulated use of physiotherapy can contract muscles and in turn stabilize blood flow.

3.Muscle stimulation

electro therapy, muscle stimulator

Extreme injuries, strokes, and disorders usually make muscles sti

Extreme injuries, strokes, and disorders usually make muscles stiff and spastic. It causes irritation and often leads to painful conditions. To cure the same, physiotherapy equipment is used. A TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) therapy are tried, tested and reliable technologies to improve muscle stimulation. TENS unit would transmit low-frequency current into the nerves, contracting and massaging the muscles. EMS is majorly used as a muscle toning technology. It causes profound muscle contraction. This strengthens them and even rehabilitates them.

4.Triggers the release of endorphins


Endorphins are hormones secreted by the central nervous system and pituitary gland in your body. Generally, our body releases this hormone when we exercise. It interacts with the pain receptors and reduces the sensation of pain. It makes one feel positive and happy as well. Physiotherapy machines can manipulate the central nervous system and massages the muscles. This makes you feel free of pain and your body ends up releasing endorphins.
All in all, apart from curing your pain through surgery, the Physiotherapy machine also encourages joyful living naturally.

Reasons and Remedies of Joint Pain

Reasons and Remedies of Joint Pain

back pain

Gone is the days when joint pain was an issue to be dealt with in the older age. Majorly due to sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, people belonging to the age group of 30+ experience joint pain, these days. However, it is important to note that severe diseases like Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis rarely occur to people below the age of 30 and the exact causes of such diseases are yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, here are some common reasons of joint pain amongst middle-aged people.

  1. Poor posture

poor posture, good posture

The working class of people usually attends long shifts and do not pay much attention to the posture. This can damage one or more than one muscle. Sitting for long can put excessive pressure on the neck, discs in the back and on the shoulders as well. To cater this issue, one must maintain right sitting postures and should avoid sitting for long or in a stretch. Taking a break of a minute or two once in an hour can help.

  1. Overuse of a muscle

hand-cramps, Overuse of a muscle

Our muscles and tendons have a certain limit to bear exertion. Beyond that point, if they do not receive the much deserved rest, they would start hurting. Say for example, an athlete is at a risk of developing runner’s knee. RSI- repetitive strain injury is another example of this situation. RSI includes muscle, tendon and nerve pain. Wrists, elbows, arms and knees are at the risk here. To eliminate the fear of pain up to some extent, a good and a healthy diet clubbed with regular exercise is advisable. If you still experience pain, go for electrotherapy instead of gulping pain-killers as they too have a negative effect on our body. Electrotherapy works as the natural cure and can also be used as per one’s convenience.

  1. Unattended injuries

knee-injury, Unattended injuries

At times, we ignore an injury either intentionally or unintentionally. The same can be or can’t be safe depending upon the nature of the damage. However, in certain cases, injuries damage the muscle or the tendon or the ligament and cause chronic or acute pain in the later years of life, i.e. when the affected muscle or tendon or ligament starts losing its strength. So it is advisable to not take any injury lightly.

  1. Overweight


If a person is overweight, he or she might experience severe knee pain once they enter the age bracket of 30+. The heavy weight puts more pressure on the joint and the cartilage supporting the knee starts losing its shock absorbing capacity which in turn leads to acute or chronic pain. Hence, maintaining an ideal body weight is highly important.

Lifestyle changes you should make

  • Adopt a healthy diet having more of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise regularly, but do not fall for overexertion
  • Practice right postures
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Develop a standard sleeping pattern
  • In case of pain, go for electrotherapy as it is free from any drug invasion.
10 Ways Your Desk Job Is Destroying Your Body & Here’s How You Can Fix Them!

10 Ways Your Desk Job Is Destroying Your Body & Here’s How You Can Fix Them!

life_balance, Stress
In spite of spending an entire day in a well air-conditioned room, clean surroundings, comfortable chair, how do you feel by the end of your 9 to 5 jobs? Lethargic? Bored? Ever wondered why? The culprit is none other than your desk job.

Engrossed in computers, glued to the chairs, our desk job is sucking the life out of us every day. We all are in a wrong notion that a 9-hour shift means we have to sit all day long. No, not at all. There’s so much you can do to come out of this slow poisoning situation before it kills you. Let’s see how your desk job is creating a wreak havoc on your body.

Following are the 10 health risks of a desk job and tips to deal with it

1. Lifespan cut-offs
Lifespan cut-offs
Long sitting hours and lack of physical inactivity not only triggers aches and pains all over the body, heart diseases, cancer etc., but can even cause death.

Health Tip:
Don’t be a stone, change positions every 8 mins. Move for about 2 min at least twice an hour. Exercise before/after work.

2. Poor Postures
poor posture
Slouching in your chair or hunching over a desk, you are inviting trouble for your spine resulting into chronic back pain to even spinal disc issues.

Health Tip:
Always sit with your back straight and feet flat on the ground. Keep your arms bent at a 90° angle and don’t lean forward. Stretch to release the tension.

3. Weight Gain
With prolonged sitting comes the habit of snacking. According to the desk job health statistics, we burn 30% fewer calories while sitting than standing. And our desk is always full of high-calorie snacks which we keep on munching without really being hungry.

Health Tip:
Get a standing desk, take breaks, walk around, use stairs. Avoid junks and have fruits, or a healthy snack bar to satisfy your craving.

4. Mental Exhaustion
Mental Exhaustion
Desk job fatigue is mental tiredness. After working long hours anyone would want to go home and rest. But, if the couch, T.V and snack is on your mind, then you need to stop.

Health Tip:
Since you may feel tired, try some light activities like going out for a walk with your family or friends, it will clear your mind.

5. Eye Fatigue
Eye Fatigue
From office computer/laptop to smartphones, bright screens are what we stare all day, hence eye strain is bound to happen. Headaches, blurred vision, temporary burning, itching etc. are the other effects.

Health Tip:
Adjust the brightness of your screen. Constant staring can dry out your eyes, so try to blink as much as possible. Improve the lighting in your room and keep at least one arm length distance from your computer.

6. Invitation To Diseases
Invitation To Diseases
Sitting among the heat emitting electronic appliances, can cause chest pain, irritation, lung disease and other ailments.

Health Tip:
During lunch break, go out and get some fresh air. Take deep breaths. If there is a garden then go spend some time with nature.

7. Work Stress
Work Stress
Deadlines can make anyone sick. The pressure, anxiety, fear, of not finishing a task can not only affect your health physically but can cause extreme damage mentally.

Health Tip:
Not all work has to be done the very day. Set priorities and work accordingly. Stay calm.

8. Victims – Neck & Shoulder
Victims - Neck & Shoulder
Neck and shoulder pain from the desk job is the most common complaint we hear from each one using the computer.

Health Tip:
The only solution for neck and shoulder pain is to watch your posture. Or else, better carry a handy electrotherapy device at work so that whenever the pain arises, you can get instant relief using it.

9. Germs Everywhere
Keyboards have up to five times as many bacteria as a bathroom. And, it’s not just the keyboards but, door and faucet knobs, handles, elevator and printer buttons, handshakes as well.

Health Tip:
Keep a sanitizer with you, wash your hands before eating and use tissues. Make sure there is proper cleaning in your office every day.

10. Stiffness
lower back pain, 6 sitting time, office computer use standing, back pain stiffness, natural remedies
Ever heard the phrase “Use it or lose it?” Because long sitting can deactivate our gluteal muscles, cause osteoarthritis and joint stiffness, tightens hips, hamstrings & quads.

Health Tip:
If you are not in a position to get up and move then at least stretch your legs sitting in your chair. Plus, you can use any Physiotherapy device to release the stress and promote blood flow and energy levels as it the best and the safest method to get instant and permanent relief.