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How does Constipation Cause or Worsen Joint Pain!

How does Constipation Cause or Worsen Joint Pain!

Joint pain is a trouble that is usually uninvited. It occurs due to various reasons like inflammation, injury, sprain or strain, bone infection or any other trait that causes damage to tissues or cartilage. These are common causes and most of the people are also aware about it. However, one of the most uncommon causes of joint pain is constipation. Yes you read that right! Constipation can cause joint pain. Let us see how!

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When your colon absorbs too much of water from your food; you experience tension and squeezing of muscles, which makes the stool movement slow. This criterion further causes physical inactivity and laziness. Basically, when colon bears the faces for long, body start reabsorbing the water and during this process those toxins that are to be excreted; sometimes they are absorbed by the body. This can give rise to pathogen levels in body and so your immune system gets busy in tackling the same. Hence, the repair process or the healing process meets a pause. When the body hit’s normalcy, i.e., when bowel system is regular, the immune system again gets active and releases cytokines- inflammatory mediators and that gets circulated in the entire body though blood, which causes the inception of aches and pain in the joints. The matter gets altogether more serious, when your body becomes a victim of Rheumatoid Arthritis– a condition when the pain flows in joints and muscles in varying degrees and intensity.

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Those people, who already suffer from RA, have excessive growth of bacteria in their intestines, and when such people experience irregular bowler movements, those bacteria multiple, adding severity to the pain. Apart from that, during your constipation days, level of good bacteria is low, which causes a leaky gut and in turn increases the level of pathogenic bacteria or fungi in your intestines. This worsens the situation and elevates the pain.

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These theories are sufficient to prove that a healthy bowel cycle is highly important. Apart from keeping uneasiness at distance it also helps you in maintaining internal body health. Many people have this myth in their head that we have to go to the toilet for three or four times in a day. It is not true at all because, the ideal bowel movements don’t exist. It varies from person to person. However, regular visit is better with once a day being the minimum requirement.

Important Notes:
1. Make sure you do not delay your toilet visits. Elimination of toxins on sooner grounds is highly advisable.
2. Get habituated to light exercise.
3. Stay hydrated all the time.
4. Have healthy vegetables and fruits.
5. Reduce the consumption of fructose – generally found in soft drinks as it forces the liver to consume more energy in processing sugar and doesn’t let it concentrate on the task of detoxification.
6. Have dried fruits or any other fiber rich food.
7. If the problems don’t seem to end soon, consult a doctor.

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Link between Insomnia and Joint Pain

Link between Insomnia and Joint Pain

Good sleep has got many advantages as we all know but, not getting enough sleep is equally dreadful. Be it facing difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep or waking up before the set time or even having disrupted sleep cycle, any of these can worsen your joint pain.

Studies have shown that people who are not able to secure a good sleep often complain about joint pain. This is because a non-sleepy person tends to make efforts to catch up with sleep and in that rush, he would be ignoring his postures. On the contrary, if he or she would doze off for even a short while, in any awkward posture, then pain is sure to be experienced.

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Another factor ruling here is intensity of pain. If a person is experiencing mild pain and, is also a victim of insomnia, then he or she would find it altogether more difficult to sleep. Their condition would not let him or her sleep and pain would add to the tragedy.

It is a scientific fact that long term sleep deprivation has got lot many cons and escalation in joint pain is one of them. Many patients of arthritis and osteoarthritis complain about severe pain occurring at night which makes drifting off more difficult along with giving birth to a vicious cycle.

Usually adults need 8 to 9 hours of sleep to wake up refreshed the next morning. Along with long hours, sound sleep span is also important. Generally an individual would take 45 minutes to enter in to the deep sleep zone and this phase keeps a control on inflammatory molecules. Now people with insomnia find it a luxury they can’t afford and hence their body reacts to pain signals, which escalates the intensity of the pain. When a person is in deep sleep, his or her brain releases healing hormones that repair the damaged tissues. It makes one feel relaxed and pain-free. This phenomenon being absent amongst insomniacs, the pain worsen.

Insomnia is also believed to elicit inflammation and sensitization which further aggravates the pain sensation.
Hyperalgesia changes are also witnessed due to insomnia. Sleep fragmentation often affects chronic pain as when an individual continuously experiences sleep deprivation, his body doesn’t respond to the efforts conducted to evade pain and instead the pain signals are solidified. It increases muscle tenderness and increases inflammatory makers that makes joint sore and exhausted. All in all, it turns into a never ending cycle, which if not interrupted can become heavily hazardous.

Measures to overcome insomnia
1. Food
Have healthy and nutritious food but make sure that you do not have heavy food before going to bed.

2. Meditate

Meditating before going to sleep will help you in letting go of negative thoughts and will ease up your sleeping cycle.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle in general can be of great help. Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, smoking and stress if possible to welcome a pain free life.

Chronic pain : Causes and Best Treatment

Chronic pain : Causes and Best Treatment

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Before we discuss chronic pain causes and treatment, let’s get an overview of chronic pain. Pain is one of the most common things experienced by each of us. The intensity and duration may vary from situation to situation. The one that lasts for a shorter period or ends with healing or recovery is acute pain, but the one that doesn’t end even after the visible healing or recovery is chronic pain. Doctors define chronic pain as one that lasts for 3 to 6 months. Chronic pain affects many people in that back pain has been reported in up to 50%. Other conditions like headache, fibromyalgia, muscles pain, nerves pain, and joint pain are also common. It sounds terrifying but can get worse if not treated well. This Terrifies people being frustrated by this pain.  It is an unconditional pain, so people also use home remedies. But UltraCare PRO has a modern physiotherapy treatment that you can use at your home without any side effects. 

So, let’s start with the cause and treatment of this pain, and at last, you will get your permanent pain reliever.

How do you feel?
Every time you feel pain, your injured or damaged area sends signals to brain that pass through nerves. Once the message is received, your brain sends you the message that you are hurt. Healing process starts then and by then signals start declining and once you are healed signals stop. However, in case of chronic pain, these signals do not stop despite of the recovery. This condition can get worse through following chronic pain triggers.

1. Any past injury

Foot sprain, muscle injury

If I have broken the same ankle that had already met with an accident in the past or if I have twisted the same wrist that was damaged in the past then chances of it being severely damaged this time around are high. I might heal from it again but it can shoot chronic pain if it is not treated carefully.

2. Excessive exertion

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If a person experiences fatigue on a regular basis, he or she is at a risk of facing chronic pain. Everybody has got different limits and if the same is crossed over and over again, the body won’t be able to take it. It could be working out, or just working for long; pressuring our bones and muscles is not a wise decision.

3. Stress

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Today’s lifestyle has made stress a part and parcel of our routine. Stress or even anxiety can tighten our muscles and they can end up hurting us. If the stress is not released, the acute turns into chronic.

Tips to avoid chronic pain triggers
1. A healthy lifestyle

Exercise Regularly, Eat Healthy, heathy life, reduce stress

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help you in avoiding chronic pain. It would not help you to avoid injures though but yes, healing would be quicker and would reduce the chances of triggering chronic pain in future. A healthy lifestyle at large means having more of healthy food and avoiding inflammatory food that can damage our muscles and bones. Also regular exercise or short walks or jogs are ideal. Besides, getting rid of alcohol and smoking would also help.

2. Sound Sleep

Healthy Sleep

We feel aggravated pain when we are not able to sleep properly. On the other hand, when we are in deep sleep, blood supply increases in our body which leads to quicker tissue growth and, repair becomes smoother.

3. Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy is a tried, tested and reliable medium to get relief from chronic pain. The waves that pass into our nerves through the device, reduce inflammation and give rest to the nerves.

Physiotherapy is much more advance now a days, you can treat yourself at home itself through electrotherapy technology devices.

4 Amazing Benefits of Electrotherapy!

4 Amazing Benefits of Electrotherapy!


Electrotherapy as the word suggests is the therapy that uses electrical energy. It is a stimulation therapy used to reduce pain and speed up healing process. Electrotherapy devices consist of an adaptor/battery-powered device that is connected to (conductive) electrode pads through wires. The pads are placed on the skin and the device transmits low frequency bio electrical pulses to your muscles through the pads. These create a soothing or a massage-like sensation, giving relief from muscle pain. Its multifaceted benefits can be classified as follows:

 1. Reduce localized inflammation

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Electrotherapy treatment works as an ideal anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a localized physical condition during which a person experiences pain, swelling and even redness. Now the question is what causes inflammation? Basically, inflammation is a part of body’s immune process but if it persists for long, it can be troublesome. Usually, injuries and/or allergies cause inflammation. If the same is not taken care of, it can lead to serious issues. One of the simplest and natural ways of curing inflammation is electrotherapy machine. The one’s that are usually used are TENS unit and Ultrasound therapy. When you place the pads on the skin, the signals are transmitted which block the pain receptors hence; the muscles feel relaxed and there is a reduction in pain and swelling.

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2.Improve blood Circulation


Poor blood circulation can cause numbness, muscle cramps and also nerve and tissue damage. Dry skin, hair flow, dizziness and even fatigue are common signs of poor blood flow. Here, Physiotherapy machine works as a pro. Apart from giving a soothing feeling to your muscles and bones, it also accelerates blood circulation. At times, poor flow causes muscle and joint pain. So regulated use of physiotherapy can contract muscles and in turn stabilize blood flow.

3.Muscle stimulation

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Extreme injuries, strokes, and disorders usually make muscles sti

Extreme injuries, strokes, and disorders usually make muscles stiff and spastic. It causes irritation and often leads to painful conditions. To cure the same, physiotherapy equipment is used. A TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) therapy are tried, tested and reliable technologies to improve muscle stimulation. TENS unit would transmit low-frequency current into the nerves, contracting and massaging the muscles. EMS is majorly used as a muscle toning technology. It causes profound muscle contraction. This strengthens them and even rehabilitates them.

4.Triggers the release of endorphins


Endorphins are hormones secreted by the central nervous system and pituitary gland in your body. Generally, our body releases this hormone when we exercise. It interacts with the pain receptors and reduces the sensation of pain. It makes one feel positive and happy as well. Physiotherapy machines can manipulate the central nervous system and massages the muscles. This makes you feel free of pain and your body ends up releasing endorphins.
All in all, apart from curing your pain through surgery, the Physiotherapy machine also encourages joyful living naturally.

All about Inflammation: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies!

All about Inflammation: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies!

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Every time we suffer from an infection or allergy, our immune system gets in action and initiates the healing process. It protects us from harmful foreign substances like bacteria and viruses. But at times, this process gets into function even when there is no substance to fight against, which starts damaging the body. In certain cases, prolonged inflammation is also found to be dreadful.

Arthritis is generally associated with inflammation. Excessive joint inflammation and stiffness is called arthritis. It usually hits a person in old age. However, inflammation can make anyone’s life miserable.

Common symptoms of inflammation:
The symptoms of inflammation differ on the basis of its nature. There are two of inflammations. The first is acute one and the other is chronic one. Acute inflammation is a one that stays for a shorter period of time. During this short span of time, a person experiences pain at the inflamed area. Swelling and redness are also observed as the capillaries are filled with more blood than they need. Chronic inflammation can be recognized through symptoms like rash, extreme joint pain, chest or abdominal pain and excessive fatigue.

Causes of inflammation:
When your body realizes that it has an injury to treat or an infection to fight against, it triggers the healing process during which, the arteries supply more of blood to the affected area. Capillaries move swiftly between blood and cells to bring you relief and body releases neutrophil- a particular white blood cell that assimilates the harmful foreign bodies. If this continues in the absence of foreign particles, our body would experience inflammation. It can last for varying periods of time. Acute inflammation lasts for few days but if the same is not taken care of, it can easily turn into chronic inflammation. Both these condition pose a great risk to one’s health and routine.

At times, heavy blood flow and release of chemicals invite more white cells at the inflamed area which causes irritation, damage to cartilage and swelling of joints.

Remedies to cure and avoid inflammation :
1. Omega-3 rich food


Omega 3 fatty acids help in reducing inflammation throughout the entire body. Fish, soy beans, walnuts, salmon, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger and flax seeds are sound alternatives here.

2. Therapies

therapies, relation

Heat and cold therapies have shown effective results in terms of curing inflammation. Heat therapy is useful for strains, sprains as it reduces muscle tension and increases flexibility. Cold therapy numbs the pain and brings relief from muscle and joint ache.

3. Electrotherapy

therapies , physiotherapy machine

Time and again, electrotherapy has proven its worth. Modalities like TENS and Ultrasound transmit low frequency current that reduces muscle swelling and pain.

Lifestyle changes you should make today:

1. Exercise regularly
2. Maintain your body weight
3. Don’t let stress overpower you
4. Control the intake of carbohydrate
5. Keep away from sugary drinks
6. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night