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Special mini love bonds shared amid young Parents

Special mini love bonds shared amid young Parents

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God’s special gifts in your life are your wonderful and amazing children. Every hug, each cuddle to your child is truly unique and unforgettable in the later years. Being a parent, managing and coping a balance with each child is definitely an essential part of day-to-day life. As a parent, the symmetry has to be tactfully striking where the fulfillment of the wants of each child is taken care of, also assure neither of the children is left out. Let us go through some of the simple but very effective ways to make your child feel special and loved:

1. Be kind and loving- A pack of love on the forehead and both cheeks and a warm hug before bedtime shows your love towards your children. Set up your own way to express your love to your children.

2. Special time with each of your child- Spending special time with each of your children exclusively is surely the best way to make them feel special. It also decreases sibling rivalry as they feel secure and treasured.

3. Make kids your priority- Leave whatever essential work or call you are doing. Lay the whole thing on the side initially when you see your kids come back from school “at least for the first half hour or so” recommends a number of child psychologists. In this manner, the kids feel they are the most important to you compared to everything else. This will boost their self-confidence.

4. Eye contact and communication- Always make sure to communicate with your kids by looking into their eyes. This way they feel you are attentively listening to what they are saying, also you may ask them a few questions. Communication is the best way for a positive relationship and it brings us closer to each other.

5. Smile a lot- The best way to make your children comfortable to you is smile whenever they enter your room so that they feel they’re being there is appreciated. Also, it is a great way to express your love and affection to them.

6. Make mealtime a precious family time- Having meals together is very important. This is the precious time when there are new discussions; sharing stories and everyone eat happily and enjoy each other’s company so the kids are less prone to eating disorders in future. Make sure to turn off the T.V and all other gadgets also.

7. Bedtime is story time- With small children, bedtime is precious treasurable moments which children love and want to sleep with. Reading stories develop a unique bonding between the parents and children. It also helps develop the child’s brain.

8. Correct kids with utmost love and warmth-  Small children do make mistakes so instead of hitting them to punish, always learn to forgive and forget their mistakes. Explain them about their mistakes. Hitting a child turns them towards violence and he learns to deal every matter with disputes and arguments. To discipline your child the correct way, give them immense love and warmth.

9. You are a role model to your child- Behave properly and be a great role model for your child, usually which parents forget. Remember, kids are great copycats. Teach them to be kind and caring to others. Show them good examples and admire them when your kids behave well.

10. Show them your affection- Always encourage and use supporting words to motivate your child and hug them frequently.

11. Play with them- Play what they like and let the kid in you also enjoy with them.