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Sports is considered to be one of the most effective ways of staying healthy. While it is true that sports can keep a person in good shape, it is also a fact that many people suffer from sports injuries.
Major risks:

1. Muscle strain


When a muscle is overused or stretched with higher intensity, it leads to muscle tear. People suffering from muscle pull feel pain, experience swelling and may face difficulty in making movements.

2. Torn ligaments


Mild, moderate and complete ligament injuries are observed in athletes and sports person. When any joint is stressed beyond bearing capacity of the body or when the joint experiences sudden twist, ligament connecting the bones end up torn.

3. Tennis elbow


Tennis elbow is a condition wherein a person experiences pain outside the elbow or exactly where the forearm meets the elbow. When arm is used in the similar motion for long, tendons- the ones that connect muscles with bones, get irritated and develop small tears, resulting in pain.

4. Concussion
A direct hit or blow to the head cause’s concussion. Footballers are at a great risk of facing concussions. Headaches, lack of balance and may be loss of consciousness are usually the symptoms of concussion.

Preventive measures
1. Get the gear rights

Boy in hockey helmet

Wearing required gears for playing sports gives you direct protection from external hits and also provides required movement space.

2. Warm up


Warming up before playing sports is a necessary factor. Sports usually requires active physical movements and when the same is conducted without proper warm up, risk of injuries increases. Different sports require different types of warming up routines but stretching and squats are the primary elements here.

3. Keep yourself hydrated


Keeping a regular intake of fluids, before, during and after playing the game, helps a person stay hydrated and focus on the game. Irrespective of the climate condition, sport person since are involved in dramatic physical movements, usually sweat a lot of, so they might face dehydration and following problems. To avoid such conditions, water or juices or any other healthy fluid shall be consumed at regular intervals.

4. Learn the sport

meck 2

Playing sports for fun is a different thing, you have your own rules that are designed as per your convenience but when you play the sports, professionally, you better learn the guidelines otherwise, in the haste of making a smart move or imitating others, you may end up hurting yourself. This should be implemented in your practice sessions. Each stroke, or style has its own mechanism and learning the same can help you in avoiding injuries.

5. Rest well


Training hard is important to excel but resting well is necessary to reach that point of excellence. Your body needs regular breaks and rest hours to gain back the momentum and avoid injuries.
Treating a sports injury at the earliest is highly advisable as untreated injuries can lead to major health issues. Post injury pain can be cured by physiotherapy as well.