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Back pain is experienced by people of different age groups because of different reasons. Basically, when something is wrong between your spinal joints, muscles, discs and nerves, you suffer from chronic or acute back pain that can be because of wear and tear of tissues or bulging of discs or accidents. Sometimes inflammation, bone spur and narrowing down of bone canal can also cause severe spinal issues. However, exercise can be your relief buddy. Check out this compilation.

1. Chest Stretch:

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Sit on a low back-rest chair, keeping your back uptight and intertwine your fingers behind your head with your elbows pointed out. Move your elbows back and forth and hold the pull of 10 to 15 seconds.

2. Wall Stretch:


Stand with an erected back in front of a wall. Put your forearms on the wall and bend your knees enough to move back and forth with a back arch.

3. Knee Pull:

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Lay straight on the floor and bring your knees closer to your chest. Hold the position and move the knees horizontally. You can do it as, one knee at a time or both together, considering your comfort.

4. Butterfly Pose:


Sit on the floor with a straight spine. Fold your legs and let your foot face each other. Hold your feet tightly and flap it like a butterfly.

5. Press Up:


Lie down on the floor with your stomach facing the ground. Let your forearm bear your bodyweight. Pull up your body through your elbow strength. Make sure that your back is getting the arch. Hold the pose for a while and slowly get back to the first position.

6. Crunches:

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Partial crunches can help in back pain. Lie down on the floor with your legs being bent and knees facing the sky. Put your hands behind your head and slowly lift your shoulders and breathe out. Make continuous lifts.

7. Leg Lift:


Lie down the floor with your back facing the ground. Keep your hands straight with palms down, exactly beside you. Slowly life your legs up. Keep your legs close to each other or rather keep your knees locked. Hold it for 25 to 30 seconds and then bring it down slowly. Do not give jerks to your body all through the while.

8. Side Plank:


Lie down on one side (with your body weight on either of the sides and your one foot resting on the other.) Put your elbow under your shoulder line. Lift your hip with the elbow strength and make sure that your spine is in alignment. Hold the position for a while and come down to the original position.

General Tips:


Practice yoga and different asanas as they help in maintaining good spine condition.
Adopt swimming. Regular swimming keeps back and spine problems at bay
Take care of your posture while sitting, walking, standing and even sleeping.
Adopt good exercise tips.
Do not lift weights without bending So everyday efforts can avoid any casual or severe spine troubles.