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  • “My doctor recommended this for my chronic back pain. I have never had any success with any procedure or other similar types of therapy. So, I was surprised that this simple device actually helped my back pain! I recommend this product, it is simply amazing! Worth every penny!”

    -Utsav Asodariya

  • “This unit works very well. I use it everyday and it relieves my severe lower back pain as well as severe pain in my right hip and leg. I was using pain killers before purchasing and have no need for them anymore.”


  • “I have arteriosclerosis of the lower limbs. I have used this instrument for just two days, half hour on each leg and I am already sensing a difference. I will write again in more detail after using it for a month and three months as healing is a slow process. Normal medication being continued.”

    -Yazdi Kavarana

  • “I took this product for chronic back pain for my mother. After using this for 3 days with setting high and 5 minute session each day, decrease in pain is definitely occuring.”

    -Vijay Krishna

  • “The machine is very useful for alleviating pain. A prior visit to the orthopedician as well as physiotherapist is a must to rule out any other ailments. The TENS is wonderfully strong enough and the ultrasonic too works well. Knee pain, ankle pain, tendonitis pain, chronic back pain has decreased that I am no longer dependent on analgesics.”

    – Amazon Customer

  • “Goodone”

    -Pritha das

  • “Seller was extremely professional and cooperative, answered all my questions, replaced one of the products i was having a problem with, had his courier pick it up immediately without charge, the other product has helped my aged uncle and aunt immensely, cant wait to try my replaced product and hopefully i will be able to have a pain free and active winter in 2018 thanks to the miraculous effects of ultracare pro sonictens. Anyone with chronic pain should try it or gift it to loved ones who suffer from recurring pain. Am Very grateful for their excellent support.”

    -Amazon Customer

  • “4 stars for portability and decent quality of this probably effective technology. I have a mild suspicion though, partly the relief credit goes to the medical gel provided along with, which has menthol and wintergreen oil, and is required to be rubbed on during therapy.”


  • “I found this combination effective….It works well and solved my sciatica problem for which it was purchased…Satisfied…!!!”

    -Amazon Customer

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  • “Melted the small swellings of many years in the lower back which I thought were bones. Pain is gone, although believe fat will get collected there again, which can be again melted.”


  • “Great for back pain! Wish I’d discovered it earlier. Read the user manual – but it’s easy to use. Good support from seller.”


  • “Offers an instant pain relief. Does what it claims. Worth the Price”

    -Gaurav Pandey

  • Great product !! Also immediate response from the company very satisfied”


  • “Definitely would recommend SONICTENS Great product, have seen positive results after only using it for a few days.”

    -Unknown Customer

  • “I found this combination effective….It works well and solved my sciatica problem for which it was purchased…Satisfied…!!!”

    -Unknown Customer

  • “I think since so long i have been using different types of this tec and the result after some times is dead! Personally i have seen my sister who just came back from out of india and she was using it.. trust me i will really want it myself … its amazing! s a complete ready to use kit, no need to purchase anything else.It has Advanced Body sensing tech which ensures the effective application.”


  • “The product is awesome for those who need ultrasonic therapy. I have ligament partial tear problem, that’s why I’m using this. Along with US sound one can have tens therapy also as a added benefit.”

    -Sailen K Gope

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