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knee injury, knee treatment

Knees are vulnerable joints and make our life utterly comfortable hence, having a knee injury can take a toll on our life and routine at large. Some injuries are not that serious and do not demand much attention and care. However, coming to that conclusion without proper knowledge and awareness can be dangerous. So here is a list of signs that can help you in knowing that your knee injury is serious.

1. Locked knees

locked knee, knee pain treatment

When a knee injury tears your cartilage (cushioning of joints), a piece of the loose cartilage gets stuck in the knee joint, your knee gets locked and it restrains swift movements. A good twist can also tear the meniscus (cushioning between thighbone and shinbone) completely and require surgery to repair.

2. Localized pain

Localized pain, knee treatment

If you experience pain on a specific part of your knee, there are high chances of a meniscus tear. So make sure that you do not take localized pain for granted after a knee injury.

3. Swelling

swelling, knee pain, knee pain symptoms

A knee injury if leads to a minor bruise, and mild bleeding; it can be handled with first aid, but if the bleeding is internal, chances are that you will experience swelling after few hours of injury or probably after some days. Bleeding would stop after a while but the swell would be just there. If it is observed on the very same day, chances of an ACL (one of the 4 main ligaments connecting femur to tibia) tear or fracture are high. In case of meniscus tearing, swelling could be observed after some days as well.

4. Inability to bear weight or walk

Inability to bear weight or walk

Many a times a serious knee injury is diagnosed by the injured person’s ability to bear weight. A broken knee, would lose its strength to bear any sort of weight and would demand it to be laid down, untouched as mild pressure would also irritate the knee. Apart from that, a person would also find it extremely difficult to walk if he or she has encountered a serious knee injury as the broken knee would fail to bear the pain of the pressure. We see many injured players on the field who need help to reach to their rooms as they can’t move without support.

5. Inability to straighten the knee

Inability to straighten the knee

If you are not able to extend your knee to the fullest even after 2 to 3 days of the injury, it means that the injury is a serious one. Our knees might experience mild stiffness immediately after the injury. But after basic help, stiffness and inflammation get cut down, and we get your knee flexibility back. If this does not happen, it means you have developed serious weakness in the knee and need professional attention.

6. The POP sound

pop sound, bone crack sound

A broken knee or a torn ACL often prove their presence with a pop sound. So if while twisting the knee, you too hear a sound, consult a doctor immediately.

Do not ignore your joint pain, consult doctor or treat yourself with the natural advance therapy like Ultrasound and TENS.


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