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Shoulder Pain

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There’s a lot of picking, lifting, moving, throwing we do in a day and who do you think helps us perform all those tasks, our hands? Well, not entirely. The only reason we are able to move and twist our hands as we like is due to the shoulders.

Composition of the Shoulder Joint?

Known as one of the most complex joints in the human body, a shoulder is a combination of several joints, tendons and muscles, together which allows our arm a wide range of motion that enables us to lift something up, throw things and move around. Its when pain strikes and hinders the movement of our hand, we realise the power and importance of our shoulder joint.

Did you know?

“Our shoulders barely have any bony connection to the rest of the skeleton.”

The ball-and-socket joint called shoulder, in spite of having the greatest mobility, is the most unstable one. Which is why a slight discomfort in it can trigger minor to long-lasting pain.

Sources of Shoulder pain

Some of the possible causes of pain in the shoulder joint are; an injury, dislocation, frozen shoulder, bicipital tendinitis, rotator cuff injury, cervical radiculopathy, osteoarthritis etc. If the pain becomes unbearable or is accompanied by fever, weight loss or any other matter of concern, seek an expert immediately.

What to do when pain encounters?

Not all shoulder joint pain ends with surgery, some like a slight right or left shoulder pain or a cramp can go away just with homely care and basic treatments like;

Give your shoulder a break. Don’t try to move it around. Wear shoulder support and rest well.

Ice compressions can work best for instant shoulder pain relief. Apply an ice pack for 15-20 mins several times a day.

Though old school, a warm bath with Epsom salt in it for 10-15 mins can alleviate your shoulder pain and relax the stiff shoulder muscles.

Mild or chronic shoulder pain, UltraCare PRO’s physiotherapy machines – SONICTENS or Combo3 Plus are clinically proven to be highly effective for shoulder pain treatment.

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