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It is no rocket science to understand that wrong shoes can cause knee pain. Our foot has 28 bones and they work in synergy with the help of joints. So putting the right shoes is not only useful to experience comfort but it is also safer.

The most common mistake people do while buying footwear is picking the shoe of the wrong size. At first instance you might feel the exact fitting and comfort, but haste can land you in trouble in this case. Take your time, walk for 15-20 seconds, try making flexible moves with the footwear on, and then decide if they are comfortable or not.

Always buy shoes that have enough of toe box or breathing space for your toe



While buying leather shoes make sure that they have a supportive cushion as it gives motion control and can give total comfort to your feet.


When you are up for shopping running shoes, right size and perfect fit should be given the topmost priority as then and only then it would, optimize the pressure distribution from heel to forefoot and you will be able to experience stability that can make the process of walking or running comfortable.


If your shoe-space is going to welcome the company of sketchers, then pick the roomy ones that provide enough space to your foot as tight shoes can be harmful. Also it is ideal to buy those sketchers that come with slippage preventing sock liner.


Next in the list are sneakers. They are supposed to be lightweight and flexible. They have cool looks and equally smart features. They avoid injuries, are comfortable for walks and can also go with your casual look, so if you are flat-footed, sneakers are just the right thing for you, but make sure that you buy sneakers that are made of breathable materials like mesh.


If you are buying shoes for your routine or shoes that you would be putting on at work or for long journeys, well-cushioned footwear should be bought.


If you have low arches then you should go for shoes with firm soles, otherwise you can be the victim of over probation that can cause knee pain.


Curved- rocker sole shoes should be adopted if your job includes more of walking or standing as it distributes the body-weight. Avoid such shoes if you have balance issues.


If your love for sandals is eternal, then picking the right kind of sandals becomes necessary for you. Go for sandals that provide built-in support for avoiding over probation (ones that come with deep heel support) with appropriate arch support. You can also buy sandals that come with removable insoles, so you can put your customized orthotic soles.

Always remember that getting the right kind of shoes can help you with the pain but, it won’t bring you complete relief from knee pain. If you suffer from regular acute or chronic knee pain, then go for natural drug-free solution.