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  • “My doctor recommended this for my chronic back pain. I have never had any success with any procedure or other similar types of therapy. So, I was surprised that this simple device actually helped my back pain! I recommend this product, it is simply amazing! Worth every penny!”

    -Utsav Asodariya

  • “This unit works very well. I use it everyday and it relieves my severe lower back pain as well as severe pain in my right hip and leg. I was using pain killers before purchasing and have no need for them anymore.”


  • “I have arteriosclerosis of the lower limbs. I have used this instrument for just two days, half hour on each leg and I am already sensing a difference. I will write again in more detail after using it for a month and three months as healing is a slow process. Normal medication being continued.”

    -Yazdi Kavarana

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  • “Melted the small swellings of many years in the lower back which I thought were bones. Pain is gone, although believe fat will get collected there again, which can be again melted.”


  • “Great for back pain! Wish I’d discovered it earlier. Read the user manual – but it’s easy to use. Good support from seller.”


  • “Offers an instant pain relief. Does what it claims. Worth the Price”

    –Gaurav Pandey

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  • “After I was diagnosed with Sciatica, getting back to my daily routine almost seemed to be impossible. SONICTENS worked wonderfully on Sciatica. Today, I am grateful that I bought SONICTENS as its combined therapy; ultrasound and TENS fastens the healing period naturally without any side-effects.”

    -Suresh Nair

  • “I am a regular tennis player as well as a writer so my wrists are at rest only while I sleep. The stress on it took a toll when I had a tournament to practice and I even sprained it badly. One of my colleagues suggested me to try SONICTENS instead of injecting steroids or popping painkillers. To be very frank, I am glad I did that. A must-have product.”

    -Sunil Prabhu

  • “Loved the concept of it being lightweight and portable. Plus, the combination of two beneficial treatment modalities in one and also the ease of use for a layman. I strongly and personally recommend SONICTENS for all those suffering from pain.”

    -Stephy Jose (MD)



  • “I love this product, and I respect both the product efficiency and the Zeal Max solution’s prompt, customer friendly whatsapp response. What ever is the issue that you have with ultracare pro machine, you can be 200% assured that you ‘ ll get an apt, empathetic response from them very soon. I initially bought this for my mom who has spondilysis , and bought another one for myself for cervical disc bulge in c3/4 C4/5 c5/6 to be taken to a foreign country that works in voltage range 110V. Your pain disappers soon if u use it in correct intensity and periodic usage. Use it with the ice pack for enhanced pain reduction. Love ultracare pro!


  • “Its good. Being a Physio myself, I liked the product. However, I differ in terms of its buttons placement. They should be above the handle not below to see them easily. And it’s too expensive also.


  • “Using this machine since one week. Have to say this is very usefull device for all physio who travels a lot with instruments. The problems with this machine is it’s lacks specification on some aspects like timer settings(only you can set time like 5- 10- 15 min), pulse mode setting(only one sub mode is there for pulse mode which I think is not great), range of intensity is only 1 to 8 which is also not recomandable, intensity starts immediately after switching the machine on(if would be better if intensity starts with 0 as default). But instead of all this I’m getting decent enough results with this machine and also not recommending this device for common people to use individually in their home.


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  • “I use it for my home visits. I am satisfied with its intensity and effectiveness, It is quite handy to carry. Gel provide with US is very good.”

    -Dr Dipika Malhotra

  • “As a chronic sufferer of joint and arthritis pain I have finally found relief for my mom. Thank you for providing such an incredible machine for such a reasonable price. I looked at many other machines before finally settling on yours. Thank you for providing such a great machine. She is using it for 15 minutes twice a day and it has made a significant difference.”

    -S Hirpara

  • “This product is absolutely effective for pain relief. It’s a new way of getting relief from pain without swallowing pills and avoiding side effects of painkiller. I used it for 2 weeks and found 100% relief in my back pain. Thanks to UltraCare PRO”

    -K Satasiya

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  • “I had lost all hope of living a pain-free life as my knee pain was refusing to leave at any cost, until, my friend introduced me to UltraCare Pro. I bought their US 111 – ultrasound machine home and now after a week of its use, I literally feel the difference. It’s so easy to operate and carry around that I keep it in my bag all the time.”

    -Pranita Mukherjee

  • “Not everyone likes to be dependent on medicines for a lifetime, which is why I myself recommend my patients to go for UltraCare Pro’s therapeutic ultrasound machine – US 111. I too have one at home which I and my wife use for our work-related pain and it really works wonders. It’s 100% natural, relaxing and free from side effects. ”

    -Dr Rishabh Chaturvedi

  • “Absolutely loved it. I never thought I could get relief from my arthritis joint pain simply at home. There is a great reduction in my joint discomforts and I strongly recommend those who are having the same condition as mine to buy US 111 right now.”

    -Nandish M



  • “Must say it’s an awesomely versatile. Using it for last one month and then writing a review. It’s easy to get confused with the variety of setting, but if you read thru the manual it’s a lovely instrument to use. if you are a physiotherapy guy, it’s your dream come true.”

    -Anamitra Dan

  • “Excellent product. Have been using it for a month. Don’t understand why this is not a best seller. It would’ve been better if priced a little lower.”


  • “Been using it twice or thrice a day for a month now…Everything is good except that the adhesive on the patches wears out quickly. I got the rubber pads and conductive gel from the same seller and they were very efficient in answering all my questions and sending it immediately. The different tens options are really good. IFT even at its maximum is a bit weak.”

    -Sharada c v

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  • “Was looking for something compact sized for my patients’ treatment. ordered it because i am already using US 111 portable ultrasound from this brand, Would recommend for all.”

    -Dr Dipika Malhotra

  • “Excellent product, I am using it for my Frozen shoulder pain relief. It works fine.”


  • “Very helpful product. Supporting healing the spasm and pain.”

    -bhalchandra shivpuje

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  • “It is indeed a one of a kind device as there are five treatments infused in one compact device. My family loved it since we all have a history of joint pain, Combo3 Plus is worth the price and we are experiencing a great reduction in our pain as well.”

    -Piyush Patel

  • “I had no idea of the deep heating benefits of IFT which I came to know through Combo3 Plus. Trust me, now I feel like I am really fighting my chronic pain back and I can see from its results that it will be over soon. If any of you are fighting with a long term, unknown chronic pain, just go for it.”

    -Imran Ali

  • “Combo3 Plus has IFT and TENS which helped me relieving knee pain and additionally it has EMS which helped me strengthen my weak muscles. This is something which is truly versatile machine.”

    -Dr Naina Nikhil


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