Get Flat 10% Off Coupon Code "GET10"
Get Flat 10% Off Coupon Code "GET10"

Large Electrode Pads(50×100 mm)

These pads come in a single pack


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To transmit the harmless electric impulses from the Electrotherapy devices on to the painful area for pain management, tissue repair, and muscle relaxation. UltraCare PRO offers you self-adhesive electrode pads for Electronic Stimulators, IFT, TENS, EMS & Pulse Massagers.

They come in a pack of 2 (Large 50*100 mm).

UltraCare PRO’s reusable electrode pads are durable, comfortable and gently adhere to your skin without causing any irritation. They are professionally graded, reusable, safe to use and are designed to provide comfort while delivering the most efficient treatment.

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Personalized SupportIf you feel no reduction in pain after using our product continuously for a week, let us know, we will help you with our free expert consultation service.