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Get Flat 10% Off Coupon Code "GET10"

TENS 2.0 Electrode Pads

These pads come in a single pack (2 quantity)


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For use with TENS 2.0(transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulators) only, These pads having size of 135 mm × 75 mm come in a single pack, (total 2 electrodes in a package), Use for any body part.
For hassle-free use, these wireless pads are comes with a magnetic plug which can be easily fitted to TENS 2.0

These Electrode Pads are professional grade, made with the highest quality adhesive gel for maximum reusability.
It can easily be used for 30-40 times (each time you stick in on the skin and remove it, it is counted as one time). They are designed to provide comfort while delivering the most efficient treatment.
UltraCare PRO Electrode pads are durable, comfortable and gently adhere to your skin.

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