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NatureCure- Herbal Pain Relief Ultrasound Gel

This gel bottles come in a single pack, (total 3 bottles in a package). For use with all procedures where therapeutic gel is required.

These ultrasound gel is professional grade, made with the highest quality for maximum pain relief. Highly conductive viscous gel blended with natural herbs ensures faster pain healing.


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NatureCure gel Features

  • Soothing gel enriched with herbs.
  • Recommended for all procedures where therapeutic gel is required.
  • Long-lasting, low absorption, no need to reapply.
  • Highly conductive for a broad range of Ultrasound frequencies.
  • Non irritating and non greasy.

How does NatureCure gel works?

When applied with Ultrasound device, NatureCure stimulates the body’s endorphin response to pain & reduces constant joint and muscle stiffness thereby lessening pain & discomfort, enhancing healing.

What’s in NatureCure gel?

NatureCure gel is India’s only pain reliving ultrasound gel which contains unique herbal substances which are clinically proven to decrease pain & inflammation , loosen tight muscle, ease aches & pains, and increase the blood flow.


6 Unique Ingredients are as below:

  • Menthol ~ cooling effect, enhance the phonophoresis effect.
  • Camphor ~ natural coolant, reduce inflammation.
  • Aloe Vera Extract ~ anti inflammatory, natural healing propertied.
  • Green Tea Extract ~ anti irritant, antioxidant.
  • Orange Peel Extract ~ anti inflammatory.
  • Wintergreen Oil ~ reduce swelling.