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Neck Pain

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Upwards, downwards, sideways, and all around, our neck allows us to see things by making our head move. From supporting the head to containing the spinal cord and nerves as they emerge from the skull, the human neck holds the capability of swallowing, speaking and yawning too.

Composition of the Neck Joint?

Our neck gets its flexibility from seven cervical bones or vertebrae in it. They allow our head to rotate, flex and tilt many thousands of times a day. The neck, in fact, is more like a highway from the nervous system that bridges the back and the skull and provides a continuous outlet for the nerves.

Did you know?

‘At any given time 10% to 20% of adults will report neck pain symptoms.’

Neck joint may appear to be of less use but with the desk-bound jobs today and heavy stress in our lifestyle, every other person is suffering from neck pain.

Sources of Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common condition but there are a lot of disorders and diseases that can amplify the pain and discomfort of your neck making it further worse like cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondylitis, trapezitis, neck strain, poor posture, neck injury such as whiplash, arthritis, a pinched nerve, meningitis, fibromyalgia etc.

What to do when pain encounters?

Neck stiffness and pain won’t allow you to stay calm and do anything right, hence, it is better to treat it with some homely and natural remedies like;

Don’t stress any further if you have a bad neck. Get adequate sleep and relax.

Aquatic exercise like water aerobics works best for those having neck pain due to osteoarthritis

Some good old-fashioned stretches and gentle yoga poses can help release the tension that has been built up in the neck.

If you wish for a safe, drug-free solution with no side-effects, physiotherapy machines modalities of SONICTENS or Combo3 Plus is a recommended solution even by pain specialists.

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