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Working hard all day to reach your goals is one thing and not taking care of your body while doing the same is other or rather a more dangerous thing. These days many office goers complain about neck and back pain. Here are some common causes and remedies of the same.

Causes of pain:

Sitting for long hours in front of the computer can cause compression of muscles. This compression happens at the neck, shoulder and at the back. Compression causes dryness in the disc and it starts irritating the spine. Slowly, pain in the lower back starts and your spine becomes stiff. If you make swift rapid movements, the pain can worsen. Situation gets more difficult if you sit for long in the wrong posture. If you lean down at a side or bulge over at the chair then the already irritated muscles would end up losing their synergy and would cause you more pain.

Wrong posture also causes muscle soreness in the neck and the back. As you operate for long without focusing on the postural strain you cause to your body, the neck and back muscles start feeling the fatigue earlier. It may start from minor pain and may lead to shooting pain.

Trapezius is one of the most troubled muscle when we talk about professionals. Trapezius is a significant back muscle which is connected to our shoulder blade. It is a link between our upper back and neck. We owe many of our shoulder and neck movements to trapezius. So if you do not move your neck or shoulder for long, it causes irritation to trapezius. When you keep gazing at the screen for long, trapezius initially helps you by holding the head high but slowly no change or movements causes strain to this muscle and you experience neck pain.


  • Take care of your posture. Do not fall onto the screen and do not lay on the chair. Maintain a 90 degree angle with your body and keep your back straight. It might be difficult initially but once you start practicing it daily, you would learn about its benefits.


  • Make sure that your feet touch the ground and your thighs slope down a bit. This position will ensure that your body weight falls on the sitting bone and not on the back.

  • Go for short walks in every two hours. The walks need not require you to leave your workplace premises. All you have to do is stand up, walk around briefly for 2 to 3 minutes and hit back work.

  • Maximum office goes face mechanical neck and back pain. This means that it is caused by fatigue. So the same can be avoided through light exercises, neck and back rotations.

  • In case of extreme pain, use Advance Physiotherapy Equipment as it is natural and brings relief without any drug invasion. It gives a good massage to your muscles along with eliminating chronic and/ or acute pain.