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Period pain & cramps

The uterus constricts during a period to force the lining away from the uterine wall and enable it to leave the body through the vagina. These contractions may hurt or be uncomfortable. They’re commonly referred to as cramps.

The majority of women who are menstruating suffer lower abdominal cramps, however, the discomfort can also spread to the lower back, groin, or upper thighs. Menstrual cramps often worsen at the start of a period and become better during the next several days.

At the start of their menstrual cycle, a lot of individuals complain of experiencing stomach or pelvic pain. In rare circumstances, few treatments might provide relief.

What causes period pain?

Period pain can have a variety of causes, so it seems sense that you might ask why your periods are consistently unpleasant. You could be the lone female in your family who experiences severe cramping. Maybe you didn’t start having painful periods until you were in your 20s. Whatever your circumstance, a doctor can explain to you why you get excruciating cramps every month. Among the most typical reasons for unpleasant periods are:

Major therapies to relieve period pain

Here, we’ll discuss what could be causing your period discomfort and provide two advanced therapies to help.

TENS Therapy

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a pain management technique that employs a modest electrical current. A TENS unit is a tiny device that administers an electrical current through electrodes implanted on the skin’s surface near the nerves that cause pain. Gel pads are applied to the electrodes to help them adhere to the skin.

TENS units are great for treating unpleasant menstrual cramps. TENS treatment, which has been used in the medical sector for decades, is non-invasive and safe, with few or no adverse effects.

When used to treat menstrual cramps, the electrodes of the TENS unit can be placed on either the lower abdomen or the lower back, depending on which is closest to the source of the discomfort.

How does a TENS unit work?

TENS therapy is thought to relieve pain by blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain. 

Research has shown that when vibration and pain sensations are occurring simultaneously, the vibration feeling reaches the brain first. This essentially blocks the feeling of pain from being perceived by the brain.

Another theory is that TENS therapy stimulates the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins interact with receptors in the brain to reduce our perception of pain.

Heat Therapy

Heat has long been used as a home cure for period cramps, from warm compresses to hot water bottles. But, as it turns out, evidence backs up the heat as an efficient pain reliever.

When you apply heat to your lower abdomen or lower back, uterine contractions ease, resulting in reduced pain.

According to the Australian Physiotherapy Association, heat can greatly alleviate menstruation discomfort. According to the study, “58% of women who sought treatment underwent physiotherapy management with predominantly heat treatment.

Moist Heat

Have you ever encountered excessively dry or stuffy heat? If this is the case, moist heat is the best solution.

Moisturized heat provides a soothing sensation that helps to ease discomfort. People can now get moist heat via a hot bath, hot water, or a Wellcare heating pillow.

MOI- A unique combination of TENS & Heating

  • India’s First & Only TENS + Heating Period Pain Relief Device
  • Truly Wireless, Wearable & On-the-go Use
  • 100% Drug-free, Zero Side Effects, and Skin-friendly

UltrcareCare Pro has engineered MOI – an instant period pain relief device for all unstoppable women out there. 

The dual action technology (TENS + Heat) of MOI gives it an edge over other existing products in the market and relieves period pain at a much faster pace. Wireless design and all-day pelvic comfort make MOI as convenient as wearing the watch. Whether it’s a morning walk or hectic office work, the discreet design of MOI supports women seamlessly to fight all odds.

Period Pain Device

Most TENS devices are large and meant to be used in physical therapy sessions for general muscle or nerve pain. MOI TENS + Heating device is particularly intended for menstruation cramps. It is compact, discrete, and may be concealed behind clothing. The rechargeable battery keeps pain signals from period cramps from reaching the brain all day. There will be no pain if there are no pain signals.

How does MOI work?

Plug & play MOI provides the advantage of TENS & heat therapy in a single device. Soothing electric pulse due to TENS stimulates nerve cells that block the transmission of pain signals from reaching the and applied inbuilt Heating Pad relaxes abdominal muscles, uterine contraction, and increases blood flow to ease the pain. 

TENS also promotes the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers that reduce period pain and elevates overall mood.

Functions & features of MOI

  • 2-in-1 therapy
  • Smart control panel
  • Wireless & wearable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comfortable & skin-friendly

features of period pain relief device

MOI has 5 operating modes of TENS intensity, providing tailor-made comfort of pain relief at the push of plus or minus buttons and 3 Smart control modes that adjust the heating temperature levels from low(39°) to medium(42°) to high(45°). The device holds a smart LCD that gives real-time information and manual & automatic power shut-off features are encapsulated to provide relief as per the user’s requirement.

What makes MOI favorite?

  • Struggling with messy wires is quite a challenge with existing period pain relief devices, on the other hand, Wireless MOI is free of clutter and one can abruptly move or twist without the worry of the cable getting unplugged or even breaking. 
  • The sleek, lightweight & portable features of MOI make it easy to use and convenient to carry. With long hours of battery life, MOI is rechargeable and can be simply powered up via a USB port, giving quick and easy access to the device’s charging so you can use it again quickly.
  • MOI comes with two reusable electrode pads so that you can use them for a longer time.
  • MOI is designed to stick comfortably and discreetly to your waistband.
  • MOI provides instant relief from cramps and lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge.
  • Apart from period pain, Moi is used to treating back and leg pain and gives effective relief.

period pain management device

Safe, natural & skin-friendly

MOI is free from drugs, chemicals and side effects and works as the safest alternative to painkillers without interfering with the cycle, hormonal balance, or other bodily functions. Women above 15 years who suffer from menstrual cramps can safely use it.

MOI is made of silicone to avoid skin irritation and Electrode Pad consists of mild adhesive gel which is non-sticky.

Where is MOI available?

MOI is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and UltraCare Pro. Shoppers can also get extra discounts on direct shopping from the UltraCare Pro portal. 

In a nutshell

With UltraCare Pro you can get through modern physiotherapy machines in your home comfort. UltraCare Pro offers a wide range of portable ultrasound, TENS, and cooling physiotherapy machines which heal the pain from roots and give you a better experience.

Period pain relief device