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When the back hurts, especially on the lower side, forget surviving the entire day, lying down becomes more difficult. Finding a comfortable position while sleeping becomes a nightmare.

While a good sleep and rest are essential for back pain, how is it possible to achieve without pain? Did you know your sleeping posture, mattress, pillow, all these contribute to lower back pain? Well, we have some good and recommended sleeping positions that you can try if your back is keeping you awake every night.

Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

Sleeping sideways is always considered as the correct sleeping position but for lower pain, you need to modify this position a bit. Simply place a firm pillow between your knees. To get comfortable with this position do the following;

● Get into your bed and carefully roll on to your comfortable side.
● Place a medium-sized pillow to support the head and neck.
● Slowly pull the knees up and position a pillow between them.
● Fill in the gaps if any between the body and mattress with more pillows, especially at the waist.

Benefit: Using a pillow will raise your upper leg and keep your hips, pelvis, and spine in better alignment.

2) Lie on the Stomach With a Pillow Under the Abdomen

You might have heard that sleeping on the stomach can increase the severity of lower back pain, well, it happens only if not done correctly. If you find it comfortable sleeping on your stomach, then sleep with a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen as a pain relief measure for back pain.

Benefit: This position will uplift the pressure on your back which is extremely beneficial for those having degenerative disc disease.

3) Curl into a Fetal Position 

Highly recommended to those having a herniated disc, the fetal position can be even considered as a part of back pain treatment. To correct this position;
● Roll gently onto your comfortable side
● Place a pillow to support your neck and head
● Tuck your knees toward your chest and gently curl your torso toward your knees until the back is relatively straight.
● Remember to switch sides from time to time to prevent any imbalances.

Benefit: Drawing your knees towards your chest will reduce the bending of the spine. Curling your torso into a fetal position will open up the space between vertebrae, thus your joints won’t get choked.

4) On the Back With a Pillow Under Knees

Generally, when back pain strikes, we sleep on our back but still, it hurts, right? The reason is a missing pillow. Simply correct your posture by;
● Lay flat on your back facing the ceiling.
● Position a pillow to support the head and neck.
● Place a small pillow under the knees so that the natural curve of your lower back stays fine
● As an extra support, you can fill the space between your body and mattress with additional pillows or a rolled up towel beneath the lower back.

Benefit: Lying on your back in this manner will evenly distribute the weight of your body which will minimize the strain on your pressure points and you get better alignment of the head, neck, spine and your internal organs.

5) Sleeping Tips

To get a good night’s sleep, you need to take care of a few things first like; get a good mattress, choose a perfect pillow, find a right and comfortable position on your bed, get in and out of the bed carefully, try gentle stretches before going to bed, take a warm bath before preparing for sleep, avoid stimulants such as caffeine in the evening etc. And no matter what you do, remember a proper alignment is key. Ensure that your spine is in perfect alignment with your ears, shoulders, and hips while sleeping. Lesser the amount of strain you put on your back, the more deep sleep you will achieve.