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‘Pain’ is a general term we use for all the aches we experience from time to time in our body. In fact, it is our body’s way of telling that something, somewhere is wrong and needs immediate attention. Pain is heterogeneous in nature and hence can be very confusing. It can be a sharp pain due to an injury, throbbing pain of a muscle due to cramp, strain, tear or muscle spasm, an unbearable nerve pull, ache of a bruise, or a tingling sensation like electric shocks or crawling ants of joint pain. Whatever may the nature of pain be, treating any pain without knowing the origin, cause and effect of it can make it even worse. To avoid that, knowing the nature of pain is the must and first thing to do.

Your Pain

Shoulder Pain

The one that helps you scratch your back, is suddenly jammed and painful?
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Arm Pain

Difficulty in moving your arm to give a handshake or wave goodbye?
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Elbow Pain

Does bending your elbow feels like your hand is breaking apart?
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Hip Pain

Trouble sitting or moving around due to painful hips?
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Knee Pain

Are your knees stopping you from doing a lot many things in your life?
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Leg Pain

Still searching for an answer to your unexplained restless leg pain?
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Neck Pain

Unable to rotate your head due to the stiffness and pain in the neck?
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Back Pain

The back pain you thought was temporary has now become permanent?
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Wrist Pain

Is your wrist pain making it difficult for you to pick up things?
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