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Cure Knee Pain
Knee pain due to hip? Confused? Yes, you might have got your knees examined and scanned to find the fault in your knees but actually, the real culprit behind it can be your hips.

Hip and Knee Pain, What is the Connection?Our knee and hip joint are connected together. In fact, it is the hip muscles that control the position of knees while we are walking, running, or jumping, among which the prime muscle group around the hips called the gluteus medius can be the main cause of knee pain. The reason being, it is responsible for the range of movement of your leg and in keeping your pelvis level active.

Knee Problems Caused By Hip
● Tightness or weakness of gluteus medius muscle can impact kneecaps
● Injury or trauma to the hip can trigger knee pain
● Patellofemoral stress syndrome
● Iliotibial band friction syndrome
● Patellar tendonitis
● Pes anserine bursitis

What to do for Knee Pain?
Once it is confirmed that your hip is at fault for the knee pain, focus on the below-mentioned hip pain treatments without surgery which will cure knee pain once and forever without any side-effects.

1. Hip Extensions
Work on the gluteus maximus muscles in the buttocks to strengthen your hips and get rid of knee pain. Place a resistance band behind one knee while standing, Attach the ends to a fixed point such as a doorknob. Bring the knee about 10 degrees behind the hip, then return to the starting position.

You can also give your other parts of the leg a good stretch by changing the position of the resistance band to your feet or ankle and strengthen different muscles of your legs which is an effective knee pain remedy.

2. Tennis Ball Treatment
Cure Knee Pain
A tennis ball is all you need to treatment of knee pain at home. Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and aligned. Place a tennis ball under one side of your buttocks. Slowly move around on the tennis ball to find the sore spot. Once you get, stay there for 10-20 seconds. As soon as you feel like the tension is released, move to a new spot. This will help relieve the stress and strain off your knees.

You can also place the tennis ball on hip flexor muscle which originates on the lumbar spine, cross the pelvis and attaches to the top of the leg in order to increase the mobility of your hip and soothe your knee pain. To do this, lie face down on the floor and place the tennis ball under the front of your hip/leg and find a sore spot. Stay on the spot for a few seconds and move around to find another.

3. Physiotherapy Exercises for Knee Pain

There are certain stretches that you can perform daily to keep your hip and knees in good health like the hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, leg and calf raises, wall squats, lunges, kick back, clam-shell, and bridging exercises which are some of the simplest and safest physiotherapy exercises to  knee pain remedy associated with the hip.

If in case the knee pain is constant and you feel no relief from the above treatment options, chances are your knee pain is at fault. Check for osteoarthritis, swollen knees or signs of knee injuries and carry out natural remedies for knee pain or knee replacement alternatives accordingly to fix it well and good. Above all, ultrasound therapy works magic. If nothing gives you relief from knee pain, electrotherapy devices will, as they are safe, free from side-effects and 100% effective than any other osteoarthritis knee treatment at home.