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God knows how many movements do our joints make in a day. Our knees, back, wrists, shoulders, hip, etc., are constantly on the move and we can only imagine how much wear and tear it might be causing to them every day.

Joints act as a connection point between bones. Any discomfort or damage, either from a disease or an injury, causes our joints to ache. Painful joints is a very common condition but can badly affect an individual’s quality of life. Osteoarthritis, the most frequent joint disease alone has a prevalence of 22% to 39% in India.

Thankfully, to an extent, one can treat such aches and soreness within the comfort of home. The following are the home remedies that will help relieve stiffness and pain of the joints, the natural way.

1. Heat and Cold Therapies
Each has its own set of benefits. Application of cold treatment in the form of ice packs on the affected joint helps limit swelling and inflammation. Whereas, applying heating pads help you relax the muscles. Alternatively, you may also take a hot bath with warm water. You may also indulge in a relaxing hot tub bath with essential oils in it. Heating the muscles is excellent for muscle pain treatment.

2. Exercise & Physical Activities 
Extremely good and beneficial for any and every age group, exercises not only eases the pain but also reduces the swelling. Physical activities like walking, swimming, and aerobics keep your heart moving. It is also a good idea to do strength training in order to keep the muscles strong, which in turn will keep your joints mobile and well-built. You may also target specific joints and muscles for back pain treatment and leg pain treatment.

3. Massage
An age-old, proven and effective method to treat joint, massage acts as a great remedy for knee pain solution, shoulder pain relief and can also treat sprains and sores of muscles too. Always approach a professional or therapist with expertise and experience for a good massage. You shall also inform him about the sore areas that should be avoided. Let him know the trouble you are facing so that accordingly, he can decide the best massage suitable to you.

4. Head to the Kitchen
The kitchen is definitely a storehouse where herbs, staples, and spices act as natural remedies. Ginger extract, cinnamon, sesame oil, and turmeric help ease the pain and some act as antiseptic as well. Cayenne pepper is another natural painkiller to cure knee pain treatment at home.

5. Yoga
People in lotus pose with eyes closed at fitness studio
Started with the dawn of civilization and even exists today, yoga has many benefits, including arthritis cure, relaxes body and mind, improves flexibility and keeps stress at bay. The right set of asanas can help in treating joint pain due to arthritis and is good for osteoarthritis treatment as well.

6. Weight Management
Managing your weight is very important. Extra pounds will only add to the problem and accelerate the pain in joints. Shedding even a few pounds will even save you from future problems. Check what you eat along with exercising regularly. Intake of calcium and Vitamin D supplements is equally important besides proper diet. One may even opt for walking or jogging. Overweight or obesity is the main reason why bones pain.

7. Electrotherapy 
Before popping pills or opting for surgery, the best, safest and natural joint pain treatment you all must give it a try is Physiotherapy Machine. With no side effects, this proven method of healing joint pain is used since ages and have a history of complete cure from all kinds of acute to chronic joint pains.

There is no shortcut and no quick-fix. Improving the quality of life shall improve your health. Making little changes go a long way in leading a healthy lifestyle with the least possible health issues.