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ultrasound gel

Any ultrasonic machine procedure includes the standard device and the gel that completes the therapy. Indeed the device can’t function without the gel. The gel is the catalyst that develops the bond between the probe and the skin. Once the connection is created, it further smoothens up the treatment. The basic function of the ultrasound device is to transmit waves in to the tissues and through that to the affected area, so to avoid the friction here and damage to the skin, gel is highly necessary or rather compulsory. It is a coupling agent that creates an aqueous interface for the device to perform better. Many a times, people end up hurting themselves due to wrong gel being used. So here are some tips that can help you in selecting the right kind of gel.

1. Components
Ultrasound waves can’t travel through air effectively. Even if there are tiny gaps of air between the probe and the skin, the results would not be positive. Also the skin can get damaged. So the gel used should have necessary ingredients that can create the interface between the transducer and the skin that can reduce static.

2. Long lasting
The gel used can be sticky and messy. Its gooey consistency can be a bit problematic to handle. So make sure that the once you have come with an assurance of longevity as applying it again and again can disturb the treatment and reapplication can also irritate the skin. Besides, it is advisable to create a pile of the gel on the necessary skin area which then shall be rubbed through the machine all over the skin. Here if the gel fails to stay stable in the form of the pile or if it doesn’t spread well then avoid using it.

3. Soothing effect
At times, people complain about the burning or itching sensation on the skin due to the use of gel. This is a sign of discontinuing that gel. The ultrasound gel is meant to give you a soothing feeling and make the transmission of waves comfortable. It you are not feeling that way, it means that the gel is not conducive enough to make the transmission of waves smooth which in turn can damage your skin and can also give partial benefits in terms of pain relief.

4. Effective at various frequencies
If an ultrasound machine is purchased, it is an obvious fact that, the same would be used for different pain oriented areas. Depending upon the location of the pain and the intensity of the pain, frequency of the device is set and the same flexibility is expected from the gel. If the gel doesn’t provide this versatility of being active and effective at different frequency levels, it is better to not use it.

5. Natural ingredients

Last but very important, the gel you are using must be having natural ingredients which improve your skin and not harm to your body. The ultrasound gel should be hyper-ionic. Select your best natural gel with the advantage of bacteria resistant and natural ingredients.