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Plantar-fasciitis-Brampton, leg pain
• Heel pain which is usually felt either under the heel or at the rear has a prevalence of 3.6%.

• A study in the US shows an estimate of 7% of older adults stated soreness underneath the heel.

• Plantar fasciitis is estimated to interpret for 8% of all sports-related injuries.

• There are 26 bones in the human foot, of which the heel is the largest bone.

• The pain in the heel area rises gradually, with no injury to the affected area, often triggered by wearing a flat shoe.

• A study in most cases shows that the pain occurs under the foot, towards the front side of the heel.

• Majority of patients recover faster with conservative treatments within months.

• In such common cases home care such as rest, applying ice, proper-fitting footwear, and foot supports are often enough to ease heel pain.

• To prevent heel pain, doctors recommend reducing the stress on that specific part of the body.