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A human body comprises different types of tissues and organs. Any type of discomfort is very much possible due to tear of a ligament (tissue) which eventually causes pain. Your feet and the ankle is a very important part of your body. They help you move to places and you pay attention to them only when they hurt you.

An ankle joint is where the foot and bones of the leg meet and thus it is responsible for the movement of the foot. There can be many reasons contributing towards the pain in the ankle. It can be an injury, age, weight, and even sex because females are 40% more likely to report foot pain than males says the survey of foot pain.

Symptoms of Foot/Ankle Pain
● Local extremities and systemic conditions may result in the swelling of the feet.
● Ankle stiffness normally occurs during the nighttime or when resting for a prolonged period of time. The stiffness of the joints is very common when one suffers from any medical condition like arthritis, gout, lupus or bursitis. Toe joints are at greater risk of being affected than any other joints of feet.
● The joints affected by arthritis may be warmer and a little redder than the surrounding area. If it persists over a longer period of time than it definitely is the symptom and cause of worry.

Causes of Foot/Ankle Pain
Any injury causes deformity around the joint. Ankle pain refers to injury in ligaments of the ankle. Any acute traumatic injury like sprain or fracture can also be the cause of ankle pain. The thickness of connective tissues around a joint can weaken the muscles causing uneasiness.

Inability leads to uneasiness on the affected part of the foot. When the ligament doesn’t heal completely and properly, it further leads to reduced stability in the entire joint. Inflammation of joints is another reason for ankle instability.

Any medical condition such as arthritis/gout/tendinitis could be the reason for pain and discomfort in the ankle as well. Both ankles are likely to hurt when diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pain and stiffness are also caused when the cartilage wears off.

Swelling may put pressure leading to nerve compression. The nerve endings when pressurized, lead to pain.

Treatments of Foot/Ankle Pain

Ultra care, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Ultrasound therapy is the best natural treatment now a days to provide permanent relief from the pain. Providing rest to your ankle is the best initial treatment. Rest at regular intervals help relieve the pain and inflammation and provide comfort to ankle. Next, apply ice and heating pads depending upon the type of pain. You may consider applying ice to the affected area for about 20 minutes at a time. However, it is important to know when the ice application is needed and when to use the heating pads. Wrap a compression and keep your ankle in an elevated position above your heart to soothe the pain.

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Regular strengthening exercises and a healthy diet can help lessen the pain and the condition to a great extent. Supportive shoes, splints, and arch support also help. The key is to ensure you don’t put pressure on your heels and give them time to heal.

The best healing is to heal naturally. The Ultrasound-TENS treatment modalities of electrotherapy have proven to be effective, free of side effects, easy-to-operate and cost-effective which is suitable and capable to treat any kind of foot as well as other discomforts remarkably.