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The bone-chilling cold of winter is pleasant and loved by all, but for our joints, it is not so a happy and cheery season.

With the drop in temperature during the fall, our joints will experience a rise in discomforts day by day, which will eventually become extremely unbearable for those living with arthritis. Even a study of the effect of cold weather on Arthritis revealed that about 80 to 90% of patients with arthritis could be sensitive to cold weather.

What is the relation between cold weather and joint pain? 
Not just winters, humidity and even rain are said to worsen joint pain. So in reality, we experience body pain due to the impact of the change in barometric pressure (atmospheric pressure) on our body. A drop in it can cause our tissues in the body to expand which put more pressure on our nerves that control pain signals, thus making our joints ache during the cold weather.

Don’t worry, there is a way out for everything. The following 6 tips will help you any kind of joint pain due to the cold weather.

1. Stay Warm
Keep your body warm by wrapping winter clothes when you step outside and even indoors if necessary. Keep the aching joints always covered with extra layers if necessary, to avoid the chilly breeze of winter from triggering or worsening the severity of pain.

2. Hydrate
You may not feel thirsty during winter but that does not mean there is no need to drink water. Dehydration can make you more sensitive to pain, hence it is important to maintain your daily water routine to reduce inflammation and the friction between joint surfaces.

3. Eat right

The goodness of winter is that you get an excellent variety of nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables like spinach, tomato, oranges, cabbage and much more. Eat a balanced diet of lean protein, fats and fibre. Consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain in the joints.

4. Get moving

Winter can make anyone from young to old, lazy and stay indoor doing nothing all the time, but it will only cost your joints. So what you don’t feel like going outside for a walk/jog or hit your gym, workout inside. Move around, walk indoors, play with children, dance, try yoga or pilates, stretch and perform light exercises, do anything but don’t sit idle. If nothing, at least practice bed exercises to relieve arthritis pain during winter. Regular physical activity will promote flexibility in your joints, strengthen your bones, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue as well.

5. Soak in the sun
Get some sunshine vitamin – ‘D’. The deficiency of vitamin D is the main reason why we experience knee pain during winters. Absorb some of it from its natural source, sunlight, in the winter or eat vitamin D rich foods that include dairy foods, mushrooms, etc to prevent bone pains.

6. Treat it with therapies

Winter is harsh for those with a rheumatic condition, but, massages and therapies can relax the stiffness, aches and cramps of joints remarkably well. Use heat pad or relax in a heated pool to soothe your joints or, better try the best home remedy for joint pain – Electrotherapy, using which you can relieve any kind of joint discomforts at home, naturally.